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Why I'm In Love With Friends With Benefits

Do you feel like I'm copping out on you? I already did a movie review. But this one is a romantic comedy, so that's different!

I think I saw the preview for Friends With Benefits when I rented Something Borrowed. Husband groaned because he's not a Justin Timberlake fan. Me neither. But I rented this because they highlighted the funny scenes in the movie trailer.

I can't tell if JT is just a bad actor or what is going on with him. His character, Dylan, well... he reminded me of me. A little indecisive. Not alpha male in any way. Let's just say I don't know anything about LA, but his character made me think the people who live there are a little nutty. Very first part of the movie is a scene where the two main characters are shown being dumped by their current love interests.

Anyway, Mila Kunis' character, Jamie, is a headhunter who wants Dylan to interview and take a position with GQ. He gets an offer from them, but isn't sure New York is really his city. She takes him all over the town, to a bar, to a rooftop, and finally to Times Square where he gets to see a flash mob break out into spontaneous dancing. That's what sells him on the move (really, a less agnostic version of West Side Story?)

Dylan and Jamie become friends. One evening while watching a romantic movie and drinking copiously, the two start to talk about the things their previous dates said about them. How they're emotionally unavailable or unstable. Dylan suggests they be friends with benefits because they don't need all the emotional parts of a relationship. This leads to a pretty hilarious sex scene.

They carry on with this sex-only relationship for a while, but when Jamie's less-than-stellar mom comes to visit after she left her fiance, Jamie decides she wants to start dating again. Dylan tries to pick up a woman, but his heart isn't really into it. Jamie finds an oncologist who seems perfect for her, but she explains she has a five date rule in which no intimacy will occur until the fifth date. The doctor agrees. On their fifth date, they do the deed. The next morning she steps out to answer a call from Dylan and the doctor tries to sneak away. They break up. Jamie is sad, but her mom has talked her into a 4th of July trip to Montauk. Except then mom goes back to her ex-fiance. Dylan persuades Jamie to come with him to LA and meet the family.

Dylan's dad, sister and nephew accept Jamie into the family with open arms and she takes to them in spite of the sometimes uncomfortable things Dylan's dad does--he has Alzheimer's. She tells Dylan that it doesn't matter what the world thinks of his dad, only his opinion is important. One night, Dylan goes to Jamie for a booty call and she rejects him, asking for emotional support rather than physical support the way they were before. In the end, they wind up doing it anyway, but you can tell things have changed for Dylan. When his sister starts to tell him how perfect they are for each other, he freaks out and says a bunch of mean stuff about Jamie while she's hiding in the room. She catches a flight back to NY and refuses to speak to him although she eventually lets him know she's aware of what he said.

But she receives a call from an unnamed but well known company searching for a man like--or preferably even Dylan--she's forced to confront him. He takes a meeting with the company which infuriates her because if he quits or gets fired from GQ before the year is out, she loses her bonus. He hasn't decided on taking the job or not, but they part ways in an unfriendly manner. Dylan's dad comes to stay with him while his sister is out of town. Dylan picks him up at the airport only to have dad wander off when he gets hungry and seat himself in a restaurant. And take off his pants. Recalling what Jamie said about the only thing that matters is Dylan's opinion of his dad, he also removes his pants. Odd. Then his dad sees a woman that looks like a girl he knew before he married Dylan's mother who left them. He regrets not telling the woman he loved her and is sorry he lost her. Dylan knows what he has to do.

I won't give away any more, but the ending is cute and the humor throughout the movie is well worth the $1 I paid at Redbox. Actually, it would've been almost worth the box office price as well. I love the way the two of them bickered. It reminded me of how my husband and I carry on. Sometimes we draw weird, frightened looks, but more often than not people just laugh at us because we sound like the proverbial old married couple. Six years, six hundred years, what's the dif?

If only JT hadn't acted so metrosexual...


  1. I sooo want to see Friends With Benefits. My husband doesn't, so I'll rent it and watch it by myself. It looks like a feel good movie.

  2. It was cute. I didn't think my husband would like it either, but there are just some parts of it that are too funny, so he got through it. :)


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