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Why My Child Deserves a Spot In Your Prep School

Or My Book is as Good the Next Guy's Book

Please submit a query letter no longer than one double-spaced page with one inch margins all the way around.

What? One page? Are you kidding? How am I supposed to tell you how super my book is if you'll only give me one page to cram in a short pitch, my (okay, this part is pretty meager) awards and some details about myself?

I get it. Editors and agents are busy people. They don't have all day to listen to me talk myself up. I mean, what's there to say anyhow? I went to college, which isn't really relative to my fiction writing since I've pretty much forgotten everything I learned about journalism anyway.

That said, I think instead of a measly page, I should have 1-2 pages worth of how hard it was to first write the book, which actually wasn't as hard as you'd think, followed up by 3-5 pages of the grueling drudgery of editing which is that hard. Then another couple of pages on how I worked really hard at the rese…

Idle Hands Do What Now?

Man, I feel like some kind of writer or something. Less than 1500 words away from hitting the 50k mark and I even entered a contest, something I haven't done since early last year. Of course, I still have a long way to go on editing, but I'm already wondering what kind of project to start next.

I made this declaration that I wouldn't write anything new until June except where I need to add words and I did write a short story, so it looks like I'm stuck on the editing train a while longer.

I'm already thinking about NaNoWriMo. This idea popped into my head and it's a lot stranger than anything I've written before, but it might be fun. And last night I was thinking about that *grumble, grumble* historical romance I worked on for two years and finally quit because it was sucking out my soul. I came up with a way to re-write it, make it shorter and try to find an e-book publisher. The plot would be different and I think that's what it needs. Except I cringe w…

I Couldn't Think of a Title For the Post

Uh-oh, we’re losing it. Nurse, hand me that monkey wrench, stat!

Welcome to my operating room. Where I stitch a plot with amusing dialogue, intriguing characters, and the twists and turns that eventually come together to make a novel.

I’ve recently been working on this historical fantasy romance. Confession time: it took a week and two days to write it. Twenty-five thousand words. Yup. It sucked some. The first 25k came together with a magical harmony I can’t explain. It had a beginning (though not a very good one), a middle (sort of fuzzy in spots) and an end, which was happy (but needs its fair share of work as well).

I’m trying to add some words in the middle. And I hit a dead end. The main characters are stuck together for a three thousand mile journey and I don’t know what to do with them. Talk about a monkey wrench in my gears. Here I’m trying to write, write, write, edit, edit, edit and I’ve run into a brick wall. The first thing I conclude when I face the wall is that I’m headin…