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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - My Halloween Oops

A brilliant idea came to me Sunday morning as I was getting dressed. In honor of Halloween, I would do a cemetery hop. Maybe snap a few photos with some orbs or ectoplasm. Wouldn't that be exciting? So I started out at the little cemetery a couple of miles from the house. It's called Short Cemetery and even on a sunny day like yesterday, it is creepy as hell. I don't know why, because it's laid out on a nice little hill with some gorgeous old pines and oaks providing shade. A wide cow pasture behind it is scenic, if you like cows. You can see in the photo the t-posts and concrete posts that provide the outline of the original cemetery before it expanded. There are plenty of old graves here, the writing faded from the elements. As I was walking along toward the right hand side, where the older graves are, I heard footsteps and nearly had an accident. Come to find out, it was a fallen oak limb with leaves still attached, rolling along in the wind. It really did sound lik…

The Friday Five - If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say

It's hard, being a writer. In some ways, you're awash at sea, like Tom Hanks and Wilson, desperately seeking rescue. In many other ways, you're drowning in a flood of other writers, all fighting for a place at the top. The top is more like a swimming pool in Monte Carlo with endless rays, margaritas and cabana boys fanning your golden locks from your face and rubbing lotion all over your body. For some reason that brought to mind Stephen King. *shudder*

We all want to be petted. It's something that must be ingrained in us. Except for hermits, who prefer to hang out by themselves (I guess. I'm not a hermit... yet). As writers, we're trying to tell a story. We're giving our readers something to believe in. Unless...

Five things people say after reading your book and what they really mean.

#1) They say: It's good. (either said really fast or with hesitancy)
They mean: I read the first page and then decided to clean my house, do the laundry, fix dinner, get …

Rescue Me

"If you're holding out for universal popularity, I'm afraid you'll be in this cabin for a very long time." - Albus Dumbledore to Rubeus Hagrid.
As writers, we all want to be liked an accepted. We want people to gush over the stories we've worked so hard on. But you can't expect everyone to like everything. Case in point: I don't like Regencies. I don't understand the differences between the titles. But that's a blog for another time. There's one exception, I've been reading Julia Quinn lately and she's killing me with those Bridgertons. They're actually funny. I still don't get the title thing, but the writing more than makes up for it. More on that in a minute.
I've been thinking about the first chapter of THL for a while now. First chapters are a bigger bane to me than the middle chapters. Bigger than finding the perfect HEA. Someone (I forget who) said that it was cliche for Abel to save Romy. That whole damsel-in-di…

Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - Fall in the Ozarks

I was all prepared to go walking at the Old Wire Road CA yesterday. Restless was in the backseat, sticking her head out the window, sniffing the warm afternoon air. I turned down the road to get to the CA and there's a truck parked right in front of the gate. Ahem. There's a parking lot for parking, mister! Then I see that 'mister' and 'junior' are practicing shooting targets. With a deer rifle. Oookkkaaayyy. Time to go somewhere else. Not becoming swiss cheese really appealed to me.

So, to bore you, Res and I ended up at the other part of OWR CA, the same part I explored last time. Typically if there's a vehicle parked in the lot, I don't go, but we were running out of options, so we decided to forge on. I figured there were some dudes fishing or maybe scouting for deer. Either way, we didn't see hide nor hair of anyone else.

Ah, fall in the Ozarks. Reds and oranges mixed with a small amount of green. You get some yellows too, but I find the trees …

The Friday Five - Taking Care of Yourself

An important topic that bears discussing, especially for writers. Sometimes we forget we're not invincible because we are the masters of realms and kicker of characters. Five things you need to watch out for if you're donning your Wrimo hat next month (or any time you're furiously working on writing/revisions/edits):

#1) A subject near and dear to my heart. As we all know, unless you're on the other side of the world (lucky, lucky you), fall is here. Up next, NaNoWriMo. 30 days of uber-fast writing. Which can wreak havoc on your body in more ways than one. The first is repetitive motion injuries. I don't know if you've ever experienced tendinitis, but I've lived with it since I was a teenager, first in my left arm and wrist, but tendinitis loves for you to overcompensate with the other hand/arm too. Let me tell you what it feels like. Imagine that someone has taken a scalpel and removed your skin like a glove before laying it aside. We'll come back to it…

I'm A Green Lantern and So Are You

Sorry, I couldn't find a photo from the movie that wasn't copyrighted all to heck and back.

Last year at my NaNo chapter, the theme was Green Lantern. I, being an X-Men girl, was totally clueless. WTH? What is a Green Lantern and why would I want to be one? I've probably already turned people off by even bringing up comic books er, graphic novels. Bear with me. If you're like me, you're thinking what does that even have to do with real writing? Yeah, well, lots of famous authors are doing it (I'm looking at you Janet Evonovich).

I'm not doing it. Oh, ha ha ha, what a good laugh. Back to the point. Why are we (writers) like Green Lanterns? GL is not my thang. I'm still an X-Men girl, but I sat down last night to watch the new GL movie, prepared to be amazed by the goofiness of it (I will debate you all day about why the X-Men are cooler, minus the last movie that came out, because I can tear that one apart in a paragraph). I only watched it because A) it…

Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - It's A Whole New CA

Gheesh, the weekend just flew by. We had unbelievably good weather this weekend. I'd be so happy if it was always that nice. A little windy yesterday, maybe, but the sun felt so good.

Friday evening my curiosity got the better of me. I turned down a road I usually don't take, though I frequently drove on it in my youth, and pulled into the parking lot of the Old Wire Road Conservation Area. But, haven't I already walked there and posted pictures? Isn't that the same CA where I got lost and thought I'd end up like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon?  Yes and no.

Old Wire Road CA has two different areas several miles apart. The one I went to on Friday is smaller and has better fishing access. They boast blue ribbon trout on a sign. I don't know if that's a type of trout or if they're like award-winning or why they deserve bragging on. Either way, fishing is not my thang.

Here's the PDF map of the area, that little chunk in the bottom right is where I went. …

The Friday Five - Stuff Carved Into the Earth

It was a short week (thank you, Columbus Day, you know, even if you did cause the downfall of millions) that left my blog schedule all a-jumble. You didn't even get a SIFWIW this week. Poor kids. But I'm here to bring good tidings because you are getting The Friday Five. I knew you'd be excited.

Better than crop circles, today I bring you five things carved into or out of the earth.

#1) Cerne Abbas Giant - Drawn about 400 years ago, (gee, that doesn't seem very long ago, does it? Like Pilgrims were trying to forge lives in America then.) Folklore (my fave) tells us that a giant is buried beneath this hill and he may have been beheaded by the good people of Cerne Abbas. The Victorians believed erecting and dancing around a maypole here would lead to fertility. Science tells us that there used to be a severed head under the giant's free hand, indicating victory in war. And yes, that's his weewee hanging out.

#2) The Uffington White Horse - Anyone who's a weste…

The Official The Treasure Hunter's Lady Word Search Puzzle

The Official The Treasure Hunter's Lady Word Search Puzzle*. 
Largely because I'm too distraught to bring you a real blog post (today is not my friend). I have the key to this too, I really did put some effort into it. And as it's raining, you don't want to go outside today anyhow, so sit back, do a word find. The words are diagonal, horizontal, backwards and that funny thing where they slant. Possibly backwards. 

*All others are imitations.

The Friday Five - My Favorite History Mysteries

By George, it's Friday and you're going to learn something! Or, I guess you could replace my URL with the one for LOL catz instead, but I'd prefer you learned something. Those furry little balls of cuteness aren't going anywhere.

Today, because I just cataloged a book about Roanoke, I'm going to talk about great mysteries in history. Great mysteries that would also make awesome novels, if you need a poke in the right direction. Not that there haven't been a lot of stories already done about these things, but hey, what's a few more, right?

#1) Roanoke - Oh, I love this one! Nothing pleases me more than an afternoon spent speculating what could've happened to the occupants of the Roanoke Colony. They settled here, the first Englishmen, in August 1585. In July of the following year, some of the settlers went home to get more supplies. Fifteen men stayed behind. They were never heard from again. They disappeared without a trace. The next batch of settlers a…

My Current Obsession With Hats

I think I felt the need to don hats after the Royal Wedding. I saw how smashing the English looked in hats and I said, "Hey, I can do that." Only in sort of a redneck-ish way. Sporting goods stores are the perfect place to try on hats. Unless you happen to be best friends with a milliner. Which, I'm not, so sporting goods stores it is!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

Yep, that hat completely screams "Gilligan's Island!" I feel more tropical already. If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.... Um, yeah. Wrong song. But if you have half a brain, you'll keep reading.

Yes, it would kill me to smile. Because I won't be smiling while I'm riding the range and prodding little doggies. Or something. This was a pretty cool felt hat, but someone hadn't been kind to the wire brim. It was bent and out of shape. Retail price: $34.95. Price is…

Stuff I Find While I'm Walking 9 - Landscapes & Animals Edition

So I didn't go for the customary long walk yesterday or Saturday. Actually, Saturday was an ORA meeting, so I didn't do a whole lot of walking then anyway. Ah, comfy sitting. How I enjoy thee. But I did get some super-awesome hat pictures I will share with you later this week. I also got a new phone and these here are the tester photos on the phone. Yes, Overmaster Allison is pleased with the quality. Carry on with the photo taking! There is one I can promise you will love. And just in time for Halloween. So what did I do, if not walk a bunch?

Why, I got you pictures that don't include all those scary spiders I talk about all the time. Like this one: A beautiful landscape at Big Cedar Lodge near Ridgedale, Mo. Yes, the same guy who owns Bass Pro Shop owns this resort. Which tells you the kind of money he makes. I want to find him, run up to him, throw my arms around him and say, "Grandpa, I've missed you my whole life. I'm your long-lost granddaughter!" H…