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Character Profile - Abel Courte

Discussion for today: a character profile. By and far, my favorite male character that I've written yet. He's funny, smart and above all, relentless when it comes to getting what he wants. From tracking down mythological jewels to chasing the woman he loves, Abel Courte is the cowboy with kick, the hunk with a heart, the man with a plan that goes sadly awry in The Treasure Hunter's Lady.

Behind the character:
Name: Abel Courte
Age: Mid to upper 20's
Gender: Obviously male
Occupation: Biologist

If Abel were one actor this is who he would be (get out your gene-splicing tools, folks): A Lucas Black (let's tone down that 'Bama accent just a hair)/Eric Close (without extensions)/young Tom Selleck (only with less chest-fur, because to be honest, that freaks me out a little bit) kind of guy. I'm not picky. No, I'm really not. Okay, I am.

Abel's name comes from: the Bible. I'm a huge fan of Biblical names. I have used others such as Jonah and Jacob. I like Abel because it's short and in the Bible, the poor kid doesn't really get the fair deal. Murdered by your own brother? That's awful. The name means "breath". I don't really know if that relates to the story line or not. I don't think so. Courte, on the other hand, is French and means an enclosed space. I like to think that means he's a 'safe place' for his true love to rest.

Using the Mary Sue Litmus Test, Abel received a score of 36. That means he's a Mary Sue. He and I don't think so, even if some test says he is. I like him anyway. And certainly his true love, Romy does. I think it had something to do with his sad past.

From what we know of Abel's background per The Treasure Hunter's Lady, his mother died when he was young and his father wasn't exactly the fatherly type. He was taken in by his father's older brother, Caden Courte, who later married a Southern belle named Patience. They have two children of their own, twins named Roger and Rowena. None of those characters have lines in the book, aside from a letter written by Caden to Abel that expresses Patience's love.

He went from angry youth to awkward young man to annoyingly certain of himself in the space of a few years. Good-looking enough to turn Romy's head in spite of his sometimes bold statements and relentless teasing. There's no real discussion of his past love life in the book, just that he hasn't been with a woman in a while and he's not drawn to the dainty, fainting types.

For me, there was no other option in The Treasure Hunter's Lady than to pick out a cowboy. From the start I planned him to be a little abrasive, a little shock-worthy--characteristics I wanted to show because he's a character with nothing to lose. He's short on time and knows that every day could be his last. Abel is a one-track mind kind of character, until he literally runs into Romy. Obviously his mission can't take the back seat, but he goes from being stuck on gotta-find-the-answer-to-my-problem to I-want-this-woman-and-I'll-marry-her-if-I-have-to-die-trying. Not in the creepy stalker kind of way though. If it's not enough that he has to overcome a life-threatening illness and save the life of a loved one, a ride on a somewhat rickety airship, charm Romy, and destroy ancient evil, he has to leap over social barriers too. Quite a mission for the handsome Texan, but as you'll see in The Treasure Hunter's Lady, there's not a quitting bone in him.

The Treasure Hunter's Lady - Coming to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords February 10, 2012


  1. I fell in love with Abel while reading THL. He is the kind of man I secretly yearn for, lol. Don't tell my husband, hehehehe.


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