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The Friday Five - Five Great Lines from The Treasure Hunter's Lady

Well, we're officially less than two weeks away from the release of The Treasure Hunter's Lady (Feb. 10), so it's time to start talking about it more often. Yeah, you're probably gonna get a sick of it as I am, but I hope not. So here are five lines from the Treasure Hunter's Lady for your Friday.

#1) A singular thought pushed its way to the front of her mind. Trampled in the street of a bloody city by an over-glorified pony instead of sacrificed to native gods in the jungle. If she survived, Papa would expect her to go to the party anyway. Life wasn't fair. Not at all.

#2) She arched an eyebrow at him. “Do you have a plan to confront it?”
"As a matter of fact, I do. You're sitting on two grosses of dynamite."
Romy leapt up, scattering the papers. "Two grosses? Do you intend to blow up Bismarck?"

#3) The inquisitive part of her wanted to see him, touch him, savor him. And the feminine side she’d hidden from the world for so long quivered with the anticipation of being held and loved.

#4) Romy's heart skipped a beat. Papa had reported her missing. The paper trembled in her hand as she turned to Abel.
“What?” he asked, half-rising from the bed.
“I'm afraid you're a wanted man.” The words came out in a squeak.

#5) And last but not least, the poem Romy discovered in Abel's papers about the Horned Serpent.

On a river with an old name,
A stone's throw if you've fine aim,
Where silence falls,
'Tween broken wall,
There's a canyon where you'll find things.
Within golden eye,
The truth doth lie,
Be careful what your heart brings.

If you want more, and you know you do, remember to mark your calenders, Blackberries, your bathroom mirror in red lipstick, heck, tattoo it on your forehead. The adventure beings February 10, 2012. Keep your eyes peeled, because on February 3rd, you're getting an exclusive character interview with Romy and Abel!


  1. Oh I have my calendar marked, baby!!!
    And I love, LOVE your fav lines from Treasure Hunter's Lady!

  2. Congrats! That's so exciting, and SO CLOSE!

    And I LOVE your cover.

  3. Soundin' gooood!! Eager to see it in print.


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