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The Friday Five - The Reasons I'm Exhausted

It snowed yesterday and Allison don't do no snow. After that little spinning/wreck-y thing last year in my car, I'm jumpy about driving on snow. It might be different if I had four-wheel drive, but I doubt it. I'm a wiener, I know.

So I stayed home while my husband went to plow snow for the state.

Reason #1) I got up at a little after 8:00 am and sat in my chair with a few potty breaks and a lunch break and pet-the-dogs and check-on-the-snow breaks. Sat there until 9:00 pm. I'm gonna get a blood clot or something.

Reason #2) I poured over the last few chapters of THL that I hadn't gotten through on my reading, went over a beta read and corrected those little errors that my brain and eyeballs refuse to acknowledge anymore because I've read the MS so many times.

Reason #3) There are only so many positions you can take up in a chair. An arm chair. I don't use a desk. Around 6:00 pm, my legs were screaming "If you ever want to walk again, you'll get up and move around." I told them the same thing I told my stomach, "Shut up and eat some fat." I know, it doesn't really make sense.

Reason #4) I worked on formatting and uploaded it to my e-reader. Word was being it's usually &%$# !* self, so I had to use OpenOffice to change the document to a .pdf to upload. I lost my italics somewhere along the way and ended up having to put them all back. On top of that, I decided to make the chapter headers bigger.

Reason #5) By the time 9:00 pm rolled around, I was still wide-awake, oddly enough. My legs had given up hope of ever being stretched, my stomach decided to eat some fat, and my tendinitis arm was threatening to talk my right arm into amputating it, except right arm doesn't think it can do the job alone. I started actually reading THL on my e-reader, but my eyeballs warned that explosions were unavoidable if the madness didn't stop. But it just looked so nice in my e-reader. The cover and title page, the dedication and the about the author section. The italics I put back in. Stupid, human body that needs food and rest. My immortal mind laughs at your weaknesses. Um, I think also I maybe didn't get enough sleep because I feel kind of loopy.

I rewarded my poor, abused body with some make-shift yoga (i.e. I copied some moves I saw on The Karate Kid) and danced to the PFI Bandana Boot Sale jingle. If you haven't heard that commercial, thank your lucky stars, because it get stuck in your head and repeats over and over until you want to tear your hair out.

This morning I feel like I've been rolled by a Pepsi truck. It's like the hangover without the alcohol. I keep typing the wrong words and I'm not even sure there's a screen in front of my face. This could all be dream... or not. There's a reason I have a day job, because if I stayed at home doing that every day, I'd be certifiably insane before a week was up. Oh, that's why God won't let me win the lottery. It makes sense now.

Happy weekend, y'all. Go out and get some fresh air if the weather permits.


  1. Wow, you were a busy beaver yesterday. Isn't it so cool to read your own story on an e-reader?
    Are you freaking out yet?
    Hey, I love the pink!

  2. I'm not freaking out freaking out, I imagine that will really happen when it's closer to the 10th of Feb. Like the day before. Right now, I'm feeling pretty jazzed.


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