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I've Been So Busy, I Haven't Had Time to Write

And that is a darn pity. I'm so caught up in final edits and revisions, I'm going nuts. Wanting something to be perfect isn't a crime, but when it's stealing attention away from other things, it is. Earlier in the month when we had our mega write-in/critique at ORA, I didn't do much writing. Instead, I worked out some kinks on The Treasure Hunter's Lady.

I admittedly have not worked on The Sky Pirate's Wife as much as I should have. I really should have finished the first draft by now. I've spent the last week working on guest blogs, which has taken up some time as well. It's tough, coming up with good topics and trying to sound intelligent.

When I sat down last night with the intention of working on SPW. I got out a paragraph I hated. I'll have to go back and rework that one. I'm lacking in action and it's not carrying the story. I had a great (great is my most favorite adjective ever, my crit partners probably want to strangle me when I use it) confrontation scene and then (insert raspberry noise here) nothing.

I did re-read my short story, Cluitie and the Feast (no, that's not the final title. I swear I can do better *mutters to high powers* pleasepleaseplease let me do better than that) and decided the next part of it. It needs more romance. I've been working on that for about two months, it's time to get it done. I need something to distract me from running over THL again, because one of these times I'm going to over edit. I just need to pacify the worrying side of myself that it is flowing smoothly. Deep breathes. In with the good air, out with the jive.

It's going to be okay. It's not lame. It is Awesome, yes, with a capital a. I am author, hear me... write? Cut the apron strings, let that baby go into the world. Okay, 22 days and counting down. I will rock you, indie publishing world, like the expensive cradle of a rich, pampered baby. Or a rich, pampered older lady's rocking chair. Because I couldn't find a picture of a cradle. And I really like rocking chairs.

I will rock you and then I will continue to write and rock you some more. Like the Chuck Norris of the indie world. Only scarier, but with less hair.


  1. I'm doing the same thing as you--editing and farting around with LP to get it as perfect as I can. I have come to a complete stand still with my other novel. I'm getting guest blog posts ready, interviews, blah, blah. I just can't seem to concentrate on writing right now--plus I'm nervous as all get out!!!

  2. Just repeat after me: "I am Awesome. My book is Awesome. I will rock the world."

    Sophia Loren said, "Sex appeal is 50% what you've got and 50% what other people think you've got." I like to replace sex appeal with confidence. Fake it, fake it, fake it and no one will ever know!


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