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My Great Photo Shoot Adventure

I knew it would just make y'all's day to see pictures of me, so this is my gift to you.

Sunday I met up with my mom to finally get my author photo done. My mom is hella good with a camera. Unfortunately, she let her battery go dead on her expensive one. We played with my brother's camera phone. There are some very interesting shots from it. With a little Photoscaping, there are some decent pics here.

It's exhausting, looking beautiful. You know, standing around, striking a pose. I hate smiling with my mouth open, I look like a gigantic dork. The shirt I picked out to wear was from this awesome resale store called The Clothes Mentor. It was a good brand and my writer's group buddy, Leann told me I had to wear something blue because it shows confidence. It brings out my eyes too, so that worked out really well. The necklace is one my grandma had and I got after she died. My husband said, "Why don't you ever wear any jewelry I buy for you?" Hello, honey, I'm wearing your rings. Aren't those the most important jewelry from him?

This bridge, but the random
stranger is long gone.
I was standing in one spot, on this bridge inside Bass Pro Shop (I swear this place is always doing construction, they're never satisfied with the way it looks on the inside. I remember when it was just a store with a bunch of stuffed animals and now it's like this indoor nature park or something) and this total random stranger guy comes up and stands beside me, smiling and ready to have his photo taken. My husband said, "I was looking at this woman's butt and I look over and there's a guy standing beside you." There's something to be said for honesty, I guess. Sometimes you just can't fail to notice nice-looking butts.

Random stranger didn't get a photo because the camera battery was dying, but it was funny as all get-out. I said, "Look, total strangers love me!" If only they recognized me as the SIFWIW girl. Ah, maybe some day.

I tell you, it's amazing what a little make-up can do for you too. I got some of those cosmetic sponges to apply regular liquid foundation beneath my eyes, threw a little loose powder and some white stuff that has light-reflecting properties over that, it's like I'm a whole different person. One that doesn't resemble a raccoon. 

Shouldn't I look scared instead of mildly amused?
In real life, I would need new pants.
 A bear on the other hand, much harder to hide a bear-like personality. Ha! Not me, never. 

Unfortunately, I don't look as hot as I did when I was sixteen. These last three years have been a little bit hard on me (I'm just 19, remember? You know, ten years running). 


  1. You look beautiful in all these pictures. And I think they capture your awesome personality too.

  2. See, I do read what you write! Love you, Bitty Babe.


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