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2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest

It's that time again--the Weta Nichols Writing Contest sponsored by Ozarks Romance Authors  is accepting entries!

Yeh, I'm the contest elf, see?
And stay off my lawn.
I knew you'd be excited. Well, this is the contest for me as I'm notorious for losing other contests, but this year I got asked to head up the contest committee. Yes, I really am the magic elf behind getting all the entries to get the judges and final judges. Scary, huh? 

You want all the hot, steamy details of the contest, don't you? Well, I can oblige.

* Submit the first 3000 words of your unfinished or finished, unpublished, non-contracted novel to
* The subject line of your email submission must state: WETA ENTRY
* Short stories, memoirs, essays, poetry, or non-fiction will be disqualified without refund.
* Membership in Ozarks Romance Authors is not required in order to enter the contest.
* Contest is open to both published and unpublished authors, but the piece submitted must be:
- unpublished (traditional, self-pub, or e-pub)
- not under contract to be published.
* With your submission, include a one-paragraph flap copy (flap copy is the blurb on the inside covers of a book, the information a reader would see when he or she picks up the book) to orient the judges to your story. Note: The flap copy is not a synopsis.
* Total word count for the entire entry (including flap copy) should be no more than 3,200.
* Send your entry as an email attachment in .doc format with one inch margins all around, double spaced, in 12 pitch Times New Roman font. Do not include the entry in the body of the email message.
* Indicate one category for each submission. Categories in which entries may be judged are:
– Historical
– Contemporary
– Paranormal/Sci-Fi
– Young Adult
Dorking up the 2011
Weta Nichols Award
* Your name (and pen name, if any) should only appear on the entry form below and your cover page. Also on the cover page, please put your contact information, the name of your submission, and the cateory (see above).
* In the header of each page of your submission, the title of your story, category to be judged, and page number should appear. The story title should appear in the top left, and the category/page number should appear in the top right. Your name should not appear on page headers.
* Entry fee is $15.00 per submission. Fees may be paid via your PayPal account or credit card using the PayPal button below. (If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your credit/debit card to send payment to our PayPal account.)
* If the email address or name on your PayPal account does not match (a) the email address tthat you are using to send your submission, or (b) your name or pen name, please let us know by including the other email address or name within the body of the email when you send your submission. Otherwise, we will not be able to match the contest entry with its payment, the entry will be disqualified, and no refund will be made.
* You may submit up to five separate entries. Each submission must be sent in a separate email message, with the subject line indicating: WETA ENTRY 1, WETA ENTRY 2, etc.
* If you have questions about the rules, please tweet the question to us at @OzarksRomance or email us (with WETA QUESTION in the subject line) at

To fill out the forms visit our contest page.

Do you feel lucky this year? You should, because you're not going up against the writing prowess that is me. Like the fading beauty queen (or some sort of runner up or something), I respectfully hand my crown of honorable mentions to the next honorable mention receiver.

Just so you know, I'd have knocked your socks off. Code for: yeah, I got nothin'. I've been way too busy editing this last year to actually come up with some new and amazing beyond The Sky Pirate's Wife, which is rough and generally somewhat bad.

But you, my little writerlings, you probably have some magic stored on your hard drives and flash drives. Go, be, compete.