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Author Interview With Ann Swann

Hi y'all,
As promised we're doing things a little differently over here at the blog in 2012. On Wednesdays we're going to start doing author interviews. I want you to welcome our very first interviewee, Ann Swann, author of the YA paranormal The Phantom Pilot. I subjected Ann to ten questions. Let's find out how she answered them.

What's your book/current WIP about?

The Phantom Pilot was published at the end of December by Cool Well Press. It is a coming-of-age ghost story set in the 1970’s in which a small plane crashes in Jase’s backyard, and the ghost of the pilot begins haunting him. Jase turns to Stevie, a girl in his class, for help. He thinks she is brave because he saw her going in the town’s haunted house all alone. The story is as much about their developing friendship as it is about the ghost!
Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?
When Jase first sees the plane crash, he rushes to the field to see if he can help. As he is leaning down to look inside the upside down plane, wondering how many people were inside, a voice behind him says, “I was alone. We all are.” And then Jase looks up into the face of the phantom pilot whose silver eyes match his silvery hair.
What's your next project?
I have short stories coming out in two anthologies. The first one is “The Soul Gardener,” a story about a soulless shape shifter. It will be in the TIMELESS antho being published by Cool Well this month. The other two short stories are “Skeleton Rock” and “The Blister Bear” which will be included in CAMPFIRE TALES, to be published later this year. In addition, I am working on the sequel to THE PHANTOM PILOT, as well as another short story for an anthology called TERMINUS X. It will also be published late this year, I believe.
Describe your writing in a sentence.
No matter the genre, though I tend toward the supernatural, my stories are always character-driven.
Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?
They whisper them, and sometimes SHOUT them out loud!
Plotter or panster?
Little of both. I have to know the basic ending of the story, then I plot loosely as I go.
Do you like background noise or do you prefer a quiet space when you write?
I like music in the background. Usually the radio or my iPhone plugged into the Bose. On Friday nights I listen to WKIT, Stephen King’s classic rock radio station. They play all live music on Fridays.
What are you currently reading?
Oh dear, I’m trying The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, again. It’s so slow in the beginning! And I’ve recently read several by authors at Cool Well. Our editor, Denise Vitola, has several science fiction novels that I haven’t read but which garnered awards and movie/tv buzz. They’re next on my list. I also read Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter, and All the Paths of Shadows by Frank Tuttle at CWP. And I can’t forget, I’m reading the rewrites of my daughter’s book, A Heart on Hold. She writes historical romance and is repped by the agent Kimberly Shumate.
What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it?
Seriously, the first question you asked was the perfect one! I tell everyone not to waste time reading my bio—on my blog——because it’s my characters they should get to know, they are the ones with the interesting stories to tell.
People think I'm weird because...
My sense of humor is twisted. I like to look at situations from the side rather than straight on. Gives one a different perspective, and often a funny one. When my boys in “Skeleton Rock” are being chased by a well, a skeleton, I can’t help but see the humor in that, so of course, the boys did, too.

What do you do when a phantom appears in your closet, needing your help? Do you run screaming into the night? Or do you enlist the aid of a friend, arm yourself with knowledge, and wade right into the ghostly fray?  Find out what Jase does in The Phantom Pilot.
THE PHANTOM PILOT is available at Amazon, Cool Well Press and Ann's blog. Be sure to drop by and tell her hi!
That is a beautiful cover! Thanks for hanging out with me today, Ann. Good luck with your writing and congratulations on the releases coming out!


  1. Great interview, Aliie. I loved the question of what have you always wanted to be asked, but haven't!

    The books sound great!

  2. Great interview!! Very fun to read. Can't wait to read your book, definitely going on my TBR list!

  3. Great interview, ladies. Your story sounds very interesting. Good luck with it!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, and thanks to Allison for hosting me here :-) If you would like to read an excerpt of The Phantom Pilot, just hop over to

  5. Great interview. I love author interviews.
    Your book sounds amazing. And it would be funny and scary being chased by a skeleton.

  6. I love the premise of your book--it sounds like a fun read. I think the cover is beautiful, too--does the developing friendship have a romantic twist? Good luck!

  7. Thank you, Brenda! The Skeleton Rock story is one of my fave short stories. Look for it around September in Campfire Tales. My next short story is The Soul Gardener in the antho Timeless. It should be out any day now.

    Yes, Palooski65, you are very astute. The two main characters in the Phantom books become best friends first, but as they continue to grow in the sequels, romance could very likely develop. Book Two is due out around Halloween. :-)


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