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Author Interview with Lacey Wolfe

What's your book/current WIP about?

My current book that just released is More Than Useful and it’s the second book in my Hot Bods series—which is a stand-alone series.

Can she settle for just a little fun?

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Adam stops by Amy's bakery for one of her delicious muffins…and a little
flirting. When he finally asks her out, Amy is thrilled.

Adam informs her from the beginning that he isn't looking for anything serious. Just a little fun. Amy agrees, even though she isn't entirely sure that's what she wants.

She does her best to play it cool, but Adam is sending so many mixed signals he's confusing her, which she finds incredibly frustrating.

Adam is terrified by the feelings he's developing for Amy. It would be so much easier if he just backed away from her. Then there's his sister, who is insisting that Amy is not the right girl for him.

Will Adam be able to figure out what his heart desires before it's too late and he loses his chance at true happiness?

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?

I don’t have a favorite line, but there is a scene that involves a speeding ticket and I think it just might be my
favorite part of the book. Oh and a scene that involves the kitchen sink sprayer. I like that one a lot too.

What's your next project?

I have too many going on. I like to write several things at once and currently I am working on three. The forth book in the Hot Bods Series (the 3rd is under contract currently also with Beachwalk Press), I am almost finished with my first BDSM romance, and I am working on another non-erotic romance at the moment. I have my first non-erotic romance coming out in May.

Describe your writing in a sentence.

A little dash of sweet with a whole lot of spice.

Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?

I think they just come to me. I sit for a few moments and think about the characters and toss a few names
around and one feels right.

Plotter or panster?

Mostly a panster. But to improve the amount I write in a sitting, I have started taking five minutes before a
session and doing little plotting so I never stare at the screen and wonder what the heck I should be writing.

Do you like background noise or do you prefer a quiet space when you write?

I can write almost anything with screaming kids running around. But when I write my intimate scenes, I need

What are you currently reading?

I am reading a book on how authors in the e-publishing world should be promoting. I have been restructuring my marketing plan.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it?

Is your life as exciting as the characters in your book? And my answer would be no. I wish I had the hair I wrote about and the body. But most days I never get out of my PJ’s, don’t put on any make-up, and its been awhile since I’ve worked out.

People think I'm weird because...

Because I like to just stay home and never leave. Oh and I’m a nail biter.

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Thanks for joining me, Lacey and best of luck with your new release!


  1. LOL, great interview.

    I love to stay at home too. I hate leaving, but that is not reality...sigh.

  2. I think it looks like a great book. That guy on the cover is really hot. Thanks for coming by, Lacey!


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