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Character Profile - Romy Farrington

On this bright Monday morning, I bring you another character profile. The heroine of The Treasure Hunter's Lady, the lady herself, Romy Farrington. Poor Romy is a bit of a conflicted character. She wants to do as her Papa, world-famous archeologist, Dr. Maggard Farrington asks her to do, which is conform within the boundaries of society, but that's just not her. You see, Romy grew up accompanying her father on his expeditions around the world. And in her heart of hearts, she longs for adventure, not material things. That is, until she meets Abel Courte and then she pretty much just wants him, but she hates what she thinks is his motivation for treasure hunting.

Behind the character:
Name: Romancia "Romy" Farrington
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Amateur archeologist

If Romy were one actress, I'd hands-down pick Rachel McAdams. I have a girl-crush on her. She's fiesty, fun, superb in romantic roles and we already know she can pull off the corset look. Yep, Rachel McAdams. I also always consider Kate Bosworth because I loved her performance in The Warrior's Way, but I also think Kate would make a great heroine in the follow-up to The Treasure Hunter's Lady.

Romy's name comes from: I made it up. Interestingly enough though, the female name Roman, means adventurous. Add an 'ancia' and you get Romy's name. I was sort of going for romantic, but hey, adventurous works very well. Honestly, I never gave any thought to her last name. I picked it because it's English. It means 'from the land where ferns grow'. Okay then.

Using the Mary Sue Litmus Test, ironically, Romy also scored a 36. I already knew she was a Mary Sue, because she tends toward the dramatic. Bless her heart, I figured she'd do a lot worse than a 36.

From what we know of Romy's background per The Treasure Hunter's Lady, her mother died when she was about nine years old. At ten, her father took her on her first expedition. Clearly the man had no idea what to do with a female child, so he raised her alongside the men he trusted. They journeyed to the Amazon River Basin in early 1883 where Romy accidentally revealed she was a redheaded woman to a band natives. Things went south for the Farrington troupe and they were forced to flee the area. There aren't a lot of huge details about it in the book because it's back story, but it would've been interesting to write that part, I think.

The Treasure Hunter's Lady was always Romy's story. Oh, she might be a bit of a brat and certainly headstrong, but she's the perfect match for her hero in every way. Romy was the character that I shaped the book around, she was the deciding factor that made me want to write it. So I guess I have to give her the gold star of the day for making me see this thing through.

If you missed it, you can find the character profile for Abel Courte, the hero of The Treasure Hunter's Lady here.

The Treasure Hunter's Lady - Coming to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords February 10, 2012


  1. And she deserves a gold star. She is hands down one of the best heroines I've read about.

  2. She was a fun character to write. You're gonna love my character interview with her on Monday. She's still got that spark that makes her unique.


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