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Diagnosis: Snow Madness

I tell ya, kids. I don't know what to write about today. I just thought since I missed you all on Monday, I should throw something your way.

This is my idea of hell.
You probably already guessed I hate snow. I've broadcasted that all over FB and Twitter. If you weren't aware, well, you are now.

I've been behind on e-mails, blog spots, drawing names for contests, marketing, kissing the feet of people who help me, and generally everything except writing. Yes, yes, I did get some writing done. 4,000 words worth of writing, in fact.

The Sky Pirate's Wife is 81% finished. Well, finished as in it has 81% of the required words toward putting the ### at the end. I don't like THE END. In my mind, it's not the end. Because in SPW, I finally got around to mentioning Abel and Romy, although they don't make an appearance. Well, I can't tell you why or how I mentioned them because it would give things away and I don't want to do that.

I also finally got to introduce the world to Basil Tinwhistle (I tried and tried to change his name from Basil, but he wouldn't play ball. Originally he was British, so he was a bit clipped and very proper. He was never supposed to have his own story, it was supposed to go to a hot Scottish guy, but that didn't work out. Somehow Basil kidnapped the show) via SPW. Instead of telling you about it, let me give you this excerpt. This is rough, so if it sucks... it's rough, okay?

“Who are you?” Sophie demanded.

Tinwhistle smiled again. This time there was a bit of wistfulness in it. “A scholar of the paranormal and nothing more. It's my duty to find and document the unusual. There are things that the average mind isn't able to comprehend. Not because he or she finds it difficult, but because the subject seems so far-fetched, there couldn't be a single shred of proof behind it. I, on the other hand, have been chosen to gather and examine this information. Both to see if any profit can come from it or if it needs to be erased from living memory."
He may or may not be the leading
authority on giant, fire-breathing eagles.
So you can see I've been immersed in the story Mr. Tinwhistle has been telling Sophie and Van Buren. And now you want to know, chosen by who. How'd they find him? Who will his woman be? Got you hooked didn't I? I hope so, because assuming the world doesn't end 12/21/12, it'll probably be out mid-summer 2013. Let's not count our chickens before they hatch though. We still gotta get some sky pirates taken care of.
Congrats to the two people who won copies of The Treasure Hunter's Lady in my Valentine's Day blog hops. Hope you enjoy it. If you have Kindle, I will totally give my autograph on Kindlegraph if you want. Just send me a request. That goes for anyone with a Kindle. If only Nook had a feature like that. Something to think about, Nookians. <---Nookie. :D

Okay, I'm done here.


  1. Wow, that totally got my attention. I can hardly wait for the SPW!!!

    We don't have snow here, but rain and it's cold. My toes are cold and I even have warm socks on.

  2. We had rain yesterday to melt the linger snow. I was glad for it. Supposed to be sunny today, but it's mostly cloudy. I'll be glad when spring gets here. I'm all fat and lazy and I need to start walking again.


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