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The Friday Five - 5 Easy Ways to Promote Yourself

Listen up, because this is actually important. There will be a test. Okay, I'm kidding about the test, but not about the importance of promoting. Here are five things you can do to draw readers to your books, your website, or whatever.

I could tell you all about social media, but that'd be me preaching to the choir. While it is essential in this day and age to utilize Facebook and Twitter, maybe even make the foray into Google Plus and absolutely, positively do not hesitate to start a blog because once people find you, they want to dangle from your every word, you need to know how to spread the word about your website/blog/newsletter/social networking sites and your book.

I help.

#1) World Literary Cafe - This site has only recently changed over from The Women's Literary Cafe. I love this site because they have everything here. Want to host authors? There's a forum for that. Want to be reviewed? They do that (for about $45, which is reasonable). They have Free eBook Fridays. They have hashtags for Twitter and a linkylist if you need more likes on your FB fanpage. Just a great resource all around. They're on FB too with sign-ups to like, tag and follow on Twitter.

#2) Kindlegraph - I've only recently discovered this site and as sad as I am that no one wants my electronic autograph (so far), I think it's awesome that someday someone might. It's free to sign up for, just plug in your Twitter information, add your book by the Amazon ASBN and then you can play with the features that let you decide whether you want to send a personalized signature or sign in type font or cursive. I wish more authors would discover this program because so far there are only about 3,000 on there right now.

#3) Goodreads - This site intrigues me because you can form book clubs, leave reviews, mark a book as red, to be read, or want to read. Authors can add questions to the Never Ending Trivia quiz and it's super easy to rate and leave reviews for books. Plus, with the friends option, when someone asks to be your friend or you ask to be theirs, it shares the books they've (or you've) read.

#4) Shelfari - I never really understood Shelfari until I published THL. For some reason I was missing how awesome this site is. When I went in to add details about my book, I found out I could add quotes, start a discussion, list the characters and the setting. Wow, what a great way to get deep info about a book before you buy it! Not only is the site out there and accessible through Amazon, you can add an app to  your blog or website displaying books you like or want to read.

#5) Romance - Author to Author - This is a new-ish site, in blogspot form that offers some of the same services WLC does. You can get likes, tags, follwers on your blog and Twitter and exchange reviews. Definitely worth checking out.

So instead of lazing about on this Friday, I want you to go out and get busy-busy promoting yourself and your book(s)!

Also, I want you to seriously consider entering to 2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest because it's a fantastic way to get eyes on  your manuscript is by having a judge see it.


  1. LOL, I'm trying to promote. I'm a member of most of these, but not of W.L.C. I should join it.


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