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Release Day

First off, are you looking for my Valentine's Day Blog Hop Contests? Look up under contests (or you can scroll down), that'll get you in the right direction. For the rest of you, excited about RELEASE DAY:

Oh man, what I wouldn't give for some kind of cool song intro with this post. You can sing the lyrics to Fergie's Glamorous in your head if you want to. I am.

There are so many things to say, so many people I want to thank and I think this is a good time to just say it all. Think of this as like the credits at the end of the movie. Or a super-lame 'thank you' speech at the Academy Awards.

First, I have to thank God. You don't just stumble into a craft by accident. You're given a purpose, a reason to be and he said, "This one's going to write." I could've used a little help on the math front, but hey who am I to complain?

And my mom, who got to be the first person to hear the good news when I got my contract and who was there when that collapsed. There was a reason I got that news on Thanksgiving Day. She took my fabulous author picture and she's listened when I pour out my writing woes and clapped when I have writing highs. Thanks, Mom.

My husband, who doesn't get it. That's okay, I don't get his truck thing either. He's the reason the title is in blue. His idea. He's the reason Abel has a snake tattoo. He's the person who helps me take my mind off all the tricky stuff in writing when I'm buried up to my eyeballs and need a break. Thanks for making me laugh.

I'm always thinking about my dad and grandma. They couldn't be here for this, but they'd be proud. Even though they'd want to black out the sex scenes with Magic Marker.

Thank you, D'Ann, for being the first person to read and tolerate the changes in the plot and making all the wonderful suggestions. I know I'm a better writer because you're my critique partner.

Brenda, you have no idea how much you helped me with editing, formatting and keeping my spirits up.

To all the fine ladies (I don't know what happened to the one guy who was coming for a while) at Ozarks Romance Authors. You helped point me in the right directions when I was clueless. Everyone should be so lucky.

And for all the folks who support me around the web. Y'all give yourselves a big pat on the back.

And PeeWee who sat on my lap and poured his little doggy thoughts into the story. He's a plotter, an editor, a goofball and a companion. All he asks for in return is kibble and cheese.

To have such a great support group is overwhelming. When I complain, you listen. When I laugh, well, sometimes you laugh at me, which is funny too, and you laugh with me. When I cry, you yell at me to get back up and go again.


Why are you just sitting there? Wipe those tears out of your eyes and go freakin' buy The Treasure Hunter's Lady.


  1. First off, I want to give you the biggest, heartfelt congratulations ever. I KNOW Treasure Hunter's Lady is going to take the publishing world by storm. I'm serious--I'm not just blowing hot air--even though I am full of it, LOL.

    Second, thank you for honoring me by mentioning my name here. It was absolutely my supreme pleasure to read and crit T.H.L. When I say it is one of the best stories I've read, that is the honest truth.

    Go get 'em, Allison. Your time has arrived!

  2. Done! Congratulations! You rock girl!


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