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The Tuesday After A Holiday Is Overrated

You know it's true.

I suppose it doesn't matter because it was inevitable that we'd all be back at work. But we don't have to like it. Nah, of course we do. Without work, who would pay the electricity bill that lets crazy novelists stay up all night to write?

No one. That's who. And then we wouldn't have the electricity to run our computers and type our little fingers to the bones. Which would be horrible because there are characters inside my brain beating against the walls of my head to get out. I wrote like a demon this weekend ending up with a word count of a little over 70k. That leaves me about 10k before I reach my goal of finishing The Sky Pirate's Wife. For some reason as I prepared to publish The Treasure Hunter's Lady (for some reason I almost wrote The Time Pirate's Treasure, I have no idea what that's about), I kept thinking that I have all year to write and finish SPW. Maybe my brain was on overload or the right connections just hadn't connected yet, but I hit 50k in January and from there it's gone pretty smoothly. I was thinking SPW might come out in the fall of 2012, but now that I'm so close to finishing (oh, don't get me wrong, it has a few kinks in the plot that need reworked), I'm thinking more like early summer 2012.

And then I was thinking, erm, I probably won't start working on The Turncoat's Temptress (TcT) seriously until November for NaNoWriMo, but then I remembered Camp NaNo and I thought, ding, ding, ding, we could have a summer project! So my year is looking pretty interesting as far as writing goes.

Despite some of the plot problems, I'm feeling really good about SPW. I think it will one-up THL for sure. If you love hot guys with bad reputations, airships, really cool made-up guns and cars, pretty blondes and transmogrifying men/birds, demons, folklore, love scenes and danger (and who doesn't?), you're going to love SPW.

These last ten thousand will just fly, I'm sure. Sitting at the beginning of one novel and the end of another, I'm a little stunned by how easy writing SPW seemed. I always feel like that at the end and when I look at TcT, I'm going how will I ever write another 80k novel? One word at a time, friends. The same way I do everything else.

It feels good.


  1. Holy doddle! That will be so awesome if you have SPW out this summer. I can hardly wait!


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