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The Friday Five - Reasons to Enter the Weta Nichols Writing Contest

I've talked a little about self-promotion in person and on the web. One of the strongest things you can do to promote yourself is enter contests, because usually if you win, place or show (sorry, I'm in a horsey mindset), you get your name on the certificate and in modern times, your name and title will often show up on the contest host's website.

It's true, I know these things because my name is associated with a list of names that won, placed and showed (well, in my case, honorable mentioned [yes, I know that's not a verb]). So today I want to give you five reasons to enter the 2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest.

#1) Because I'd be all over it - But I can't be because I'm on the committee this year helpin' out with thangs. Also, I didn't write anything contest-worthy in the last few months. I did (or didn't?) do it for you so that you can enter. (But FYI, I am a powerful, show-stopping force that is a fury to be reckoned with--if you'r…

The Game of 7's

Sharon Cullen tagged me in a game of 7's. Here's how it works:

Go to page 77 of your current WIP, drop down 7 lines, pick up the next 7 and post 'em. Here are mine from The Sky Pirate's Wife. I'm pretty sure long dialogue doesn't count.

His open-topped carriage rolled down the street toward his office where the meeting over the fate of Barnes Shipping and the issue of her dowry would be discussed. “Beg your pardon, but why did Bernard call you away from your office to escort me when he could have driven us there himself?” She tried not to sound angry about it, but every passing second was one missed that she could explain to Bernard that she didn't need this farce of a marriage. Mr. Wayne mumbled something and avoided her gaze. Sophie leaned forward. “Do you mind repeating that?” “Bernard isn't attending this meeting.” Her heart plummeted. “I'm sorry, I don't believe I heard you correctly. Bernard must be coming. This is about the business. He&#…

Author Interview - Febe Moss

Today we have aspiring author, Febe Moss on the blog.

What's your book/current WIP about?

My WIP in progress is about a gorgon who was named after the famous gorgon Medusa. She just turned 30 and realized she does not have the genetic disease that makes her turn people into stone. She lives in modern day NYC and now has to get rid of her ex, Ares and figure out her future, now that she has one.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?
Sure! In this paragraph, Medusa is contemplating some recent events.
I can count the number of times in my life where I was left holding the bag. Either the metaphorical bag was my first cigarette, a stolen cantaloupe, or evidence of Ares infidelity. Each time it made me unable to move, speechless, and afraid of the outcome. Now the oracle left me holding a dead bird and a prophecy which sent fear shooting off into the different corners of my body. What made her scurry away like a rat? For as much as life seems to change, in reality, it re…

SIFWIW - Spring, Spring, Spring

While the topic might be spring, spring, spring, let me assure you I did not spring from my bed this morning. The head-full-of-snot feeling is hanging on. I should feel decent again by . . . six or seven this evening. Nevertheless, hard-core, dedicated blogger than I am, I braved the icy waters of Hayes Spring CA to bring you photos.

I love when I sent a picture from my phone to my e-mail, it doesn't show up right away. But send one from phone to Facebook and boom! I'll get all the pics I sent to my e-mail as soon as this blog is posted, no doubt.

By and large, I think this is one of the prettiest springs we've had in years. We haven't had a good frost (which means we have bugs and ticks coming out our ears, but . . .) which means we still have lots of flowers on the trees. As evidenced by these photos.

Yeah, there wasn't much else to take photos of. I couldn't get PeeWee to stand still long enough to take a picture. He did fall into the water while he was runn…

The Friday Five - At Least I Made the Effort

I'm kind of stumped for TFF this week. In lieu of using tons of brain cells to find a topic, I'm just going to be honest and tell you about five things I want to do this weekend. Hey, I'm on cold medication and it's my blog. Just read the damn post, already, okay? I promise to find something fantastic for you in the future at some point.

#1) Sleep. I've had some sort of head cold/sinus issue. I really like to sleep anyway, but this thing is murder. I want to go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 11 am the next day. I won't, but I want to. Mostly because I hate to miss M*A*S*H repeats at 10:30 pm.

#2) Eat some pie. I'm really feeling a piece of lemon meringue. Okay, that's lame. I had go see a movie, but we did that last night, so I had to do a quickie adjustment here. But pie is good.

#3) Go for a walk. You know, to get fodder, er, photos for SIFWIW Monday. But as I'm writing this on Thursday for you to read on Friday, I really don't feel well enoug…

Author Interview - Lisa Kumar

Hey everyone! Hope you're excited! Today we have an interview with author Lisa Kumar!

What's your book/current WIP about?
I have a fairly new release out. Bound by the Mist is a full-length fantasy romance that’s somewhat different from others in its genre in that it’s character-driven and doesn’t feature the inevitable kick-ass heroine.  Cal, the heroine, is a fairly normal college student. Well, she’d be normal if her strange visions and dreams of an elvin prince and his land hadn’t convinced the people around her she had mental problems when she was a teenager.

Relian is the hero of the story and is, of course, the elvin prince. He’s intrigued by Cal, even though he intially finds her very humanity puzzling and isn’t happy about the reason for her arrival in his land.
I had a neat logline for the story, but I lost it. I’ll see if I can remember it from heart. Here it is:
When a college student finds herself in an another dimension, she must discover the truth behind her arr…

Why I'm In Love With The Three Musketeers (But not D'Artagnon, because I suspect that might be cradle-robbing)

Because it has AIRSHIPS! Yes, I just yelled that. I saw a trailer for The Three Musketeers when we went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. There were no airships in that trailer. I would have remembered something like that! If someone had told me there were airships in TTM, I would've dragged my husband to go see it. How did this information get by me?

If I had hated every single minute of this movie, I still would have loved it for its steampunkedness. But as a matter of fact, I loved almost every minute of it, even before I knew about the airships. And who is that hottie playing Aramis? Where did Luke Evans come from? And why wasn't he given more face time?

I'm sure you're all familiar with the basic story of TTM. I read it many, many moons ago when I was a bored teenager on summer vacation. I. Can't. Tell. You. A. Single. Detail. From. The. Novel. Sorry. Um, let's just say I wasn't very impressed. I only vaguely remember the Disney movie based o…

SIFWIW - Wilson's Creek Nat'l Battlefield

Saturday mid-morning I dragged the PeeWee monster out into the sunshine to enjoy our first full weekend of daylight savings. We chose Wilson's Creek for our walk, but instead of going on a trail I've been on a lot, we headed for a new spot. It's called the Bloody Hill Trail. And it's almost entirely uphill. Something of a challenge for two creatures that were couch potatoes all winter.

I made PW hike all the way up it, swearing that we would stop when we reached the post at the top. We broke out the water bottled and each head a drink. Lo and behold, there was a bench about ten feet from where we stopped. Nice. The view from the top was lovely, even when you consider that a little over 1500 men were killed there. Which accounts for the squeaking trees. Squeaking trees, you ask?

Yes, squeaking trees. The souls of those poor soldiers (on both sides) who were dumped into a sinkhole that contaminated the water and made the area uninhabitable for months. They were later (ab…

The Friday Five - St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop

A very happy St. Patty's Day to you all! Today I'm partaking in Carrie Ann Ryan's blog hop. Green is my favorite color, four-leaf clovers are one of my favorite leafy plants (as evidenced by my tattoo) and I'm grateful that my parents decided to get married (at all, really--this year would have been their 40th if Dad hadn't passed away) on the day St. Patrick decided to run all the snakes out of Ireland. Or did he . . . .

I now present to you five facts about St. Patrick's Day. And as a bonus for being educated (or bored) by my facts, one lucky (oh, what a pun) commenter will win: A brand-spanking new, never-been-read e-copy of my steampunk romance, The Treasure Hunter's Lady. It doesn't have any Irish people in it, but it does have one big damn snake. And I'm not being dirty when I say that. For once.

The first St. Patrick's Day parade was held in New York City on March 17, 1762. It was made up of Irish soldiers serving in the English army.


Author Interview - Carrie Ann Ryan

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Today we have Carrie Ann Ryan on the blog! She wants to give away a swag pack to one lucky commenter too, so stick around, learn about Carrie Ann and enter for a chance to win.

What's your book/current WIP about?

Hi! First off, thanks for having me. I’m here to talk about my latest release, A Taste for a Mate. It’s the second book in the Redwood Pack series and follows the second eldest brother, and Beta, Jasper. You see Jasper didn’t realize he even wanted a mate until he saw his older brother Kade find his.

Jasper finds Willow, his destined mate, in a bakery and falls for her but wants to take it slow. Willow fell for the stranger before he even talked to her, but another Pack might not let them be together.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?


Here’s a part that resonated with me and I actually had to pull over in my car to write it down.

…Daunting pain cascaded through her body as a chasm opened in her heart. A fog settled over …

SIFWIW - Hercules Glade/Mark Twain National Forest

Wow! Lovely weather on Saturday and after yesterday's cold rainy mess, the weather people tell me we're in for more sunshine. Woohoo!

Saturday we went out to Bradleyville, Missouri to the Hercules Glade in Mark Twain National Forest. My husband grew up down there, spending his early childhood running amok like a wild little savage. The first thing you really notice is the fire tower. Before you say, "I wanna climb it!", you should know that it's closed off because people are giant a-holes. 

I don't climb towers, so I didn't exactly cry. We did a little cook out, with the PeeWee Monster. He tends to freak out in new situations and so he spent a lot of time hunkered down on the ground. He didn't want to climb the tower either, but he did pee on the fence.
I got as close as I could to the tower, right up under the razor wire around the top of the fence so you could see what it looked like waaaayyyy up there. Kinda makes me want to puke, just looking up. Hei…

The Friday Five - My Top Music Picks For Rockin' Out In Spring Weather

Sorry to burden you with the long title. Earlier in the week, the weather was just fantastic and it's supposed to be again in the middle of next week. I, of course, was stuck inside and will be stuck inside because I'm a desk jockey, but I got to enjoy rolling the windows down on my way home. And when the weather is warm enough to roll the windows down, that means it's time to jam out!

I used to have  a Mustang, a fact that I mention on my blog more than once. I loved that car even more than I love pie. I've never looked as cool with my windows down and my music blasting as I did in that car. But you know what else I love? Springtime. I get so excited for the spring weather, it's like I want to crawl out of my cave, shake off my winter fur and skip through meadows filled with wildflowers. Minus the bees.

I no longer have the Mustang, tragically. But I still have car windows and I still love music. So here are my top five blast it out the windows, sing along in a ba…

Author Interview with Casea Major

What's your book/current WIP about?
Night with a Dom is my 2nd 1Night Stand story with Decadent Publishing and it releases on March 16th. It's about Jr. Ad Exec whose workaholic tendencies cost her a great guy. After learning of his engagement to a new girlfriend six months after the split, she goes on a 1Night Stand with a Dominate Male who agrees to the last-minute New Year's Eve date.
Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?
I love this line. Mel is lost in a lust induced haze but Dominic pulls out his leather paddle.
Then she saw the paddle. A lump formed in her throat, and her butt clenched. Heat flooded her cheeks—both sets.
What's your next project?
I am really excited to start working on a Chick Lit paranormal series that has been brewing in my mind for a while. I currently have three books planned. I've never written paranormal but since I haven't really been writing for very long I think that's ok.
The first book in the series is a par…

SIFWIW - Empire Park

There's a good-sized park and fancy paved walking trail on Lake Taneycomo in Forsyth, Missouri that my husband and I visited yesterday. We chose that place because you can see some of the tornado damage from across the lake and Powersite Dam (the first hydroelectric dam in Missouri). Powersite Dam is at the end of Taneycomo and the beginning of Bull Shoals Lake. It's more like a river than a lake because it's always moving and is very cold and home to several species of trout.

From the shoreline, you can certainly see where the tornado wiped out a whole bunch of trees. It just laid them over like tall grass in a field. I told my husband it reminds me of Ice Storm Ted in 2007. Ice Storm Ted was not the official weatherman name of the 2007 ice storm, but we were without power for 11 days and it was a freaking nightmare. We figured if they name hurricanes, we deserved a name too, so we still refer to it as Ted and pray that nothing like that frozen hell ever occurs again.

On …

The Friday Five - Has Been Cancelled This Week

That's right. Cancelled. In order to bring you something entirely off the wall for me. My head. Floating as I talk about my book. Or more accurately, I interview myself using the questions from my author interview Wednesday.

I apologize for my hair. It was butchered by a lady with multiple odd tattoos and a strange facial piercing. This is my written testament that I will never go back to that salon. Never. Anyway, enjoy the next 8 minutes as I overuse the word really and make weird faces. Sorry, there's also some background noise. My video editing skills are pretty much limited to um... deleting stuff.

Also, I apologize for the glare on my ereader screen when I tried to show it. But the next part was entirely too good to cut out, so I just left that in there. If you haven't seen my cover (but how could you not?), here it is:

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend!