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Author Interview - Febe Moss

Today we have aspiring author, Febe Moss on the blog.

What's your book/current WIP about?

My WIP in progress is about a gorgon who was named after the famous gorgon Medusa. She just turned 30 and realized she does not have the genetic disease that makes her turn people into stone. She lives in modern day NYC and now has to get rid of her ex, Ares and figure out her future, now that she has one.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?
Sure! In this paragraph, Medusa is contemplating some recent events.
I can count the number of times in my life where I was left holding the bag. Either the metaphorical bag was my first cigarette, a stolen cantaloupe, or evidence of Ares infidelity. Each time it made me unable to move, speechless, and afraid of the outcome. Now the oracle left me holding a dead bird and a prophecy which sent fear shooting off into the different corners of my body. What made her scurry away like a rat? For as much as life seems to change, in reality, it remains the same; me holding the bag. What would be the outcome now?

What's your next project?
A dark comedy short story about a man’s first days in Hell.

Describe your writing in a sentence.
Like following the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?
Whisper, always whisper, especially when I am trying to sleep.

Plotter or panster?
Total pantster.

Do you like background noise or do you prefer a quiet space when you write?
I prefer listening to music. I need a soundtrack.

What are you currently reading?
Alan Moore’s, “The Watchmen.” I’m a comic book nerd at heart.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it?
“What’s the first thing you would do on Mount Olympus?”
Tickle Zeus’s Beard.

People think I'm weird because...
Because I have an odd sense of humor and outlook on life.

You can find Febe at:

Thanks for dropping by Febe and good luck in your writing pursuits!


  1. LOL, great interview and your book sounds awesome. I have to read it.

    I like people with an odd sense of humor, hehehehe.

  2. As someone who's read this WIP, I can tell you; it's fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished product. And I loved this interview. =)

  3. It does sound wonderful. I love it when people breathe new life into myths and legends.

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