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The Friday Five - At Least I Made the Effort

I'm kind of stumped for TFF this week. In lieu of using tons of brain cells to find a topic, I'm just going to be honest and tell you about five things I want to do this weekend. Hey, I'm on cold medication and it's my blog. Just read the damn post, already, okay? I promise to find something fantastic for you in the future at some point.

#1) Sleep. I've had some sort of head cold/sinus issue. I really like to sleep anyway, but this thing is murder. I want to go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 11 am the next day. I won't, but I want to. Mostly because I hate to miss M*A*S*H repeats at 10:30 pm.

#2) Eat some pie. I'm really feeling a piece of lemon meringue. Okay, that's lame. I had go see a movie, but we did that last night, so I had to do a quickie adjustment here. But pie is good.

#3) Go for a walk. You know, to get fodder, er, photos for SIFWIW Monday. But as I'm writing this on Thursday for you to read on Friday, I really don't feel well enough, so you may end up reading something else on Monday. Sorry.

#4) Read. I have a couple of things on my e-reader right now that I'm really into. I can tell you that one of them is Brenda Dyer's Love's Prophecy. Another one is historical christian fiction. I'm nothing if not random.

#5) Sit outside in the sunshine and grill burgers. Maybe finish my first read-through of The Sky Pirate's Wife and write that missing scene between chapters 2 and 3.

Well, whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope it's a good one.


  1. I hope you feel better soon.
    LOL, I like your reading material. Who is this Brenda Dyer character? I think I saw a pic of her online. What's up with the unibrow and horns?

  2. That Brenda Dyer, man, she is one funny lady! And she writes some mean romance!


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