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The Friday Five - Has Been Cancelled This Week

That's right. Cancelled. In order to bring you something entirely off the wall for me. My head. Floating as I talk about my book. Or more accurately, I interview myself using the questions from my author interview Wednesday.

I apologize for my hair. It was butchered by a lady with multiple odd tattoos and a strange facial piercing. This is my written testament that I will never go back to that salon. Never. Anyway, enjoy the next 8 minutes as I overuse the word really and make weird faces. Sorry, there's also some background noise. My video editing skills are pretty much limited to um... deleting stuff.

Also, I apologize for the glare on my ereader screen when I tried to show it. But the next part was entirely too good to cut out, so I just left that in there. If you haven't seen my cover (but how could you not?), here it is:

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend!


    I'm going right now to tell everyone on fb to watch this.

  2. Glad you ladies enjoyed it. It was a little awkward at first, it took several tries to get it going. By the end I was way more relaxed.


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