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The Friday Five - Reasons to Enter the Weta Nichols Writing Contest

I've talked a little about self-promotion in person and on the web. One of the strongest things you can do to promote yourself is enter contests, because usually if you win, place or show (sorry, I'm in a horsey mindset), you get your name on the certificate and in modern times, your name and title will often show up on the contest host's website.

It's true, I know these things because my name is associated with a list of names that won, placed and showed (well, in my case, honorable mentioned [yes, I know that's not a verb]). So today I want to give you five reasons to enter the 2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest.

#1) Because I'd be all over it - But I can't be because I'm on the committee this year helpin' out with thangs. Also, I didn't write anything contest-worthy in the last few months. I did (or didn't?) do it for you so that you can enter. (But FYI, I am a powerful, show-stopping force that is a fury to be reckoned with--if you're not, you should be repeating this to yourself at least five times a day).

#2) The entry fee is $15.00 USD. That's like three cups of coffee. I know, I know, you can't live without coffee, but if you cut back a little bitsy bit, you too can afford to submit your fine masterpiece (please don't kill me in a caffeine-deprived rage!).  That's like a steak dinner or a date at McDonald's. And it's cheap for a contest entry, believe you me. It's not like we're asking carnies to judge your work either. We have legitimate judges.

#3) A portion of your $15.00 goes to benefit the Ozarks Literacy Council. We donate money to them each year after our conference. So by entering, you're also helping people learn to read. As writers, we count on our readers! The OLC is way better than the Derek Zoolander Center. But you can still buy his awesome t-shirt here. Um, I'll have to check to see if OLC sells t-shirts . . . .

#4) Because you are one bad mother of a writer! (Please refer to #1 if you think otherwise.) What are you waiting for? You have critique partners, you've polished til your fingers almost fell off. You have no reason to be afraid. You have to start somewhere and you might as well 1) prove you're awesome, 2) spend the $15 wisely, 3) feel good about donating to a worthy cause and last but not least:

#5) Because I made you this awesome graphic to put on your blog or attach to your e-mail signature. Think about how awesome you'd look if you won! It's like you were predicting the future of your awesomeness. If you win and you tell me, I will totally make you a graphic that says, "See? I told you!" Also, I made that graphic out of the goodness of my heart so someone better use it or else. >:(

Get off your duff (oh, wait, yeah, you should probably stay sitting down to enter) and enter the 2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest. Ride that wave to glory, my little writerlings.


  1. LOL, I want that graphic! But sadly, I haven't written anything contest worthy lately.

  2. I need to make more graphics that spout random but motivational words, huh?


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