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The Game of 7's

Sharon Cullen tagged me in a game of 7's. Here's how it works:

Go to page 77 of your current WIP, drop down 7 lines, pick up the next 7 and post 'em. Here are mine from The Sky Pirate's Wife. I'm pretty sure long dialogue doesn't count.

His open-topped carriage rolled down the street toward his office where the meeting over the fate of Barnes Shipping and the issue of her dowry would be discussed.
“Beg your pardon, but why did Bernard call you away from your office to escort me when he could have driven us there himself?” She tried not to sound angry about it, but every passing second was one missed that she could explain to Bernard that she didn't need this farce of a marriage.
Mr. Wayne mumbled something and avoided her gaze. Sophie leaned forward. “Do you mind repeating that?”
“Bernard isn't attending this meeting.”
Her heart plummeted. “I'm sorry, I don't believe I heard you correctly. Bernard must be coming. This is about the business. He's always involved in the smallest detail regarding the company.”

Wow, you can just tell Bernard is a jerk from that little sample.

Here are my picks for seven other fantastic writers. Hope you'll stop in and visit them, even if they don't feel up to being 7-ish. ;)

Carrie Ann