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SIFWIW - Hercules Glade/Mark Twain National Forest

Wow! Lovely weather on Saturday and after yesterday's cold rainy mess, the weather people tell me we're in for more sunshine. Woohoo!

Saturday we went out to Bradleyville, Missouri to the Hercules Glade in Mark Twain National Forest. My husband grew up down there, spending his early childhood running amok like a wild little savage. The first thing you really notice is the fire tower. Before you say, "I wanna climb it!", you should know that it's closed off because people are giant a-holes. 

I don't climb towers, so I didn't exactly cry. We did a little cook out, with the PeeWee Monster. He tends to freak out in new situations and so he spent a lot of time hunkered down on the ground. He didn't want to climb the tower either, but he did pee on the fence.
I got as close as I could to the tower, right up under the razor wire around the top of the fence so you could see what it looked like waaaayyyy up there. Kinda makes me want to puke, just looking up. Heights freak me out. Not as much as small, dark places, but still.

This is a pretty Bradford pear blossom in my yard. Spring is almost here. I've been seeing a lot of trees with tiny, tiny leaves and plenty more with flowers on them. It makes me want to plant something, even though I know it will die. For a woman with a minor in horticulture, I surely am a grim reaper when it comes to plants. The more it can be left alone, the better they do around me. I promise to water the dracenea in the kitchen sometime in the almost near-ish future. It's needed to be repotted for about two years. Hey, dracenea, stop complaining, you're still alive, aren't you? That's what I thought.

We also took PW to Petco (Where The Pets Go!), but he wasn't thrilled about that either. We let him sniff a variety of treats, to which he turned his nose up at all. He loves to eat, but he's kind of like me, he doesn't eat in front of strangers. People are always saying how cat-like chins are. Here's your proof: PW on a cat tree. I think he looks at least mildly amused in this photo, but in reality, he was terrified. He doesn't mind heights, he just doesn't like strangers. Well, you can't really blame him. I mean, you might get adopted by strangers and then they cut your family jewels off, you know?

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  1. Damn, I love your walks and the things you find, LOL.
    I'll make sure I'm here for the blog hop!

  2. They have three different trails at Hercules and I really wanted to walk one, but my husband didn't so I had to settle for looking at the tower. I bet I could've found some more really cool stuff to take pictures of.


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