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SIFWIW - Spring, Spring, Spring

While the topic might be spring, spring, spring, let me assure you I did not spring from my bed this morning. The head-full-of-snot feeling is hanging on. I should feel decent again by . . . six or seven this evening. Nevertheless, hard-core, dedicated blogger than I am, I braved the icy waters of Hayes Spring CA to bring you photos.

I love when I sent a picture from my phone to my e-mail, it doesn't show up right away. But send one from phone to Facebook and boom! I'll get all the pics I sent to my e-mail as soon as this blog is posted, no doubt.

By and large, I think this is one of the prettiest springs we've had in years. We haven't had a good frost (which means we have bugs and ticks coming out our ears, but . . .) which means we still have lots of flowers on the trees. As evidenced by these photos.

Yeah, there wasn't much else to take photos of. I couldn't get PeeWee to stand still long enough to take a picture. He did fall into the water while he was running around barking. A bunch of leaves concealing the water's edge does not solid ground make, Master PW. Oh, he's a corker, for sure.

Whew! Got Monday rolling and we are now scanning the horizon for April.


  1. Wow, these pics give me hope--hope that Spring is coming soon.


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