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SIFWIW - Wilson's Creek Nat'l Battlefield

Saturday mid-morning I dragged the PeeWee monster out into the sunshine to enjoy our first full weekend of daylight savings. We chose Wilson's Creek for our walk, but instead of going on a trail I've been on a lot, we headed for a new spot. It's called the Bloody Hill Trail. And it's almost entirely uphill. Something of a challenge for two creatures that were couch potatoes all winter.

I made PW hike all the way up it, swearing that we would stop when we reached the post at the top. We broke out the water bottled and each head a drink. Lo and behold, there was a bench about ten feet from where we stopped. Nice. The view from the top was lovely, even when you consider that a little over 1500 men were killed there. Which accounts for the squeaking trees. Squeaking trees, you ask?

Yes, squeaking trees. The souls of those poor soldiers (on both sides) who were dumped into a sinkhole that contaminated the water and made the area uninhabitable for months. They were later (about two years later) relocated to a cemetery. The wind was blowing pretty good on top of the hill and the tree branches were rubbing together, making this godawful racket. PW keep looking around like he was listening to the ghost talk. I'm like, okay, let's get out of here before we get possessed.

We came across these huge toadstools while we were fleeing from the sharp cries of angry spirits. They were easily bigger around than my shoe is wide. I accidentally stepped on one that looked like earwax when I got done taking this photo. Erm, I'm sure it'll grow back or something. It's difficult to say who causes more destruction sometimes--me or Godzilla.

During one of our rest breaks, I stopped to take a picture of that little flower and PW walked up behind it. He proceeded to sniff the camera, then wander back to the water bottle and bowl, indicating that he desired a drink, not a picture of flowers, although he appreciated the break. A great photo, if my knee hadn't worked its way in there. But little P-Dubya's face is so sweet above the flower, you can almost ignore it.

Japanese chins (and pretty much any dog with a flat face) are known for having short bronchial tubes. The excuse for all the sneezing that he does is "Short bronchial tubes." To which my husband frequently rolls his eyes. Well, it's also a fact that dogs with short bronchial tubes often have difficulty undertaking a lot of strenuous exercise. More often than not when I take PW on a walk, I end up carrying him at least part of the way. After that long hike up the hill, I hadn't got my second wind yet and I was feeling pretty whamped myself, I picked PW up and put him over my shoulder. We went about half a mile that way, fortunately without running into any other hikers. That would've been embarrassing.


  1. I LOVE your walks. It's like I'm along with you and PeeWee.
    That's gross and creepy about all those soldier's bodies being dumped in a sinkhole.

  2. I know, I was horrified when I read that. No wonder the tree-spirits were angry!


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