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The Friday Five - I'm Such A Slacker

Five reasons I forgot to write The Friday Five this week until about half an hour ago.

#1) The. Stupid. Print. Book - First and foremost in my mind, this print edition of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. Most of my spare time goes into making it look presentable. Today, I'm looking at the .pdf proof version and I think, holy cow, that thing looks awesome! Then the fine proofing people at Createspace tell me: Hey, dummy, your even page numbers are one THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BOOK. Insert lots of swearing here. Great. Something else to correct.

#2) Organizing the ORA writing contest - Trying to make sure I get all the questions answered, figure out how many entries I have for each category. If you haven't entered, what are you waiting for? The deadline is May 1st, but you'd better get a move on. Go here to enter. We want entries for each category, but we really need more in YA and para/sci-fi.

#3) I was busy reading The Hunger Games - We went and saw the movie last weekend. It was good. I was motion sick within the first two minutes, but I enjoyed the story. So I started reading the series. At first I was a little bored, but as soon as the games started, I was riveted. Having once been a teenager, I understand all the turmoil Katniss feels when she thinks about the way she handled things at the end of the first book.

#4) Working on a new WIP - Yes, that's right, I have gotten some writing in this week. About 2,000 words, which is kind of low. I'm working on The Turncoat's Temptress, which is just to distract me from all the editing on The Sky Pirate's Wife. I'm not really in the mood to edit. Publication is looking farther into the future every day. Hmmm....

#5) Editing The Sky Pirate's Wife - In spite of the distraction of working on TcT (I call it that because I have another, older WIP that I called TT so as not to confuse the pair, I slapped a little c in there for the new one), I have done a little editing on SPW. It takes me forever to read while I'm editing, so it takes about a week, or if I'm really distracted, two weeks to get through the whole thing. Yeah, uh, I kind of have a lot of my plate with working on the print version of THL.

That's why I forgot to do TFF. Please forgive me. Now I owe you two TFFs that are super awesome. I'll work on that.


  1. We all have days where we forget. You have so much going on from the looks of things.

  2. We all have our bad days; try not to get too down on yourself! The Treasure Hunter's Lady looks good, and I am really enjoying your blog and appreciate the information on events. Good luck with your new WIP and with editing your other stories. I am looking forward to hearing more :)


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