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My Newest Giant PIA Project

"Don't let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was." - Richard L. Evans

If you read my posts or follow me on Facebook (my personal one, not my fanpage--although I don't typically tell people about the personal one, you can still friend me if you want), you're aware that I'm converting The Treasure Hunter's Lady from e-book to print.

I accused formatting for epublication of being the biggest pain in my butt of all time. Until I met the template for print at Createspace. It's maddening, the trying to figure out how to make the text span the pages evenly, getting the gutters right, working with the headers. None of that is important in epublication. Only getting page breaks and well, tons of things that have been booted out of my brain due to print formatting. I've no recollection of how I formatted THL, so now when I go to do SPW, I'll have to relearn everything. Actually, a quick run through of the presentation I did for ORA will probably suffice.

On top of trying to work all those problems out, I kept getting an error message on the CS interior reviewer when I uploaded a 6" X 9" copy. Come to find out, there's some issue with the interior reviewer and all my margins are set specifically where the recommendations are. Nice. So while this has numerous red marks and symbols, there's actually nothing wrong with it. Way to make my blood pressure spike for the fun of it, Createspace creators. 

I think it's quite nice. I even copied and pasted the unedited draft of The Sky Pirate's Wife into a template of this and it came out good as well. So now I feel really clever, although twice as crazy as before. The past week has had me asking why I insist on torturing myself over and over. Because this isn't a one-off deal. It's THL, it's SPW, it's The Turncoat's Temptress and everything after that. On and on and on. Not only am I doing it now, I'll be doing it again sometime in the nearish future. 

Someday I'll be rich enough to make some peon do this for me. Or I'll end up like the Mad Hatter, mumbling about ravens and writing desks, talking weird languages to goggle-eyed rabbits and cramming people into tea pots for the hell of it while staging some kind of uprising.

I know a kindred soul when I see one. Mad Hatter was affected by the mercury in the glue and I share a similar plight, only with the placement of headers in a book. I have half a mind to write to Word 2010 and tell them that making headers for print format is ridiculously difficult, shame on them! Of course, they tend to ignore my letters.

While I'm weeping with relief over getting the formatting finished, I'm stuck with the horror of redesigning my cover to include a spine and a back. 

I need a drink.


  1. I really admire you for doing this! If I ever decide to self-publish I know who I'm hiring, cause there is no way I could go through the madness.

  2. Man, each step we take is crazy, but worth it in the end.
    I formatted my book for all the e-pubs, but decided to hire someone for the printed version. I get discouraged very easily and I know the formatting for print would have sent me to a rubber room--it is already because even though I hired someone, it isn't without its probs.


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