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SIFWIW - The Creep Factor

Notice: I had a human user malfunction (i.e. I deleted all my pictures off of Google and I think that it's really stupid that they all got deleted from here because now they're totally GONE) so this is more like stuff you're just reading me blab about rather than looking at anything.

Yesterday PeeWee and I braved the humid air to take a walk. He's been extremely disappointed in my exercise regime and threatened to poop in my shoes if I didn't pick up the pace. We only have a month to fit into a our skinny dress pants, after all. Okay, I only have a month to fit into my skinny dress pants. He doesn't wear pants. I'm pretty sure that Kit Kat I just ate was counter productive to fitting into the dress pants. @#$%&*!

We started down the trail, which was same old trail. No new flowers to take photos of and I was starting to worry that maybe we wouldn't find anything to take pics of. Then I saw it. A terrapin and I knew that was just the thing.

PeeWee had apparently never crossed paths with one of our little three-toed friends before. He approached with caution. His eyesight is lousy (he had a really bad eye infection in December and is a little bit blind from it). So he relies on smell to help him figure out what a lot of things are. And because he has short bronchial tubes, that requires him to be right on top of whatever he's sniffing. He made several circles around the terrapin, trying to first figure out if it was going to bite him, if it could be eaten, and then if it would play. It was good for none of these things. I got an awesome video if him trying to play with it, but I can't upload it from my phone because I don't have that kind of technology/magic.

When we walked away, he didn't really want to leave it, but I could tell it was in a hurry and didn't like our company. How rude.

We made it to the creek, mostly managed to keep my feet dry and I had just put PW down on the ground and started walking on the path when we found a snake.

The first words to leave my mouth were less than lady-like. It was: "Oh #$%& me!" But almost as soon as I saw it I recognized it for what it was. A harmless speckled kingsnake. PeeWee walked right by it without even realizing it was there (see above), but I knew it was no ordinary stick snake. I decided since I was at least 92.3234411111% sure it wasn't going to rear up and bite the crap out of me that I could get a photo. You know, a nice close one.

Yargh! Oh, I hate the way they kink their bodies up like that. It's soooooooooooooo gross. Icky, yuck, oh blarg! Okay, I briefly considered picking it up, although I've never picked up a snake willingly in my life. I got done issuing its photo shoot and moved on. Then it realized we were there and freaked out, making no bones about the fact that it was as scared of us as we (fine, I) was of it. PW never realized it was there. It practically sprang into the grass to get away from us.

I turned the PW monster loose by the spring, well aware now that there are snakes on the loose as well. He did two long runs between me and the big pine tree and it started to rain. So I figured we'd better hit it because I didn't really want to get wet. We headed back for the creek. And found this:

I've been walking at Hayes Spring CA for a year. I have never once come across a snake. So to see two in one day--CREEPY! I saw this one and though, nuh-uh, that can't be a snake. Because it was in almost exactly the same spot as the kingsnake. I prefer my ringneck snakes a little smaller than this one.

Only this morning do I learn that ringneck snakes are slightly venomous. So ignorant past me leans in to get a closer picture.

You know, so you can see the ring on his neck. I never knew they were venomous because they're actually pretty docile. We had one at my old work under a floor mat once. Boss picked it up, handled it and it never had a problem with it. I saw one on a bridge when it flooed in Galena a couple of years ago, no worries. Also, they're nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. That makes you wonder what the hell was going on when PW and I were walking! Two snakes, one day, one nocturnal. Something's not right with that picture (although I've always seen ringnecks in the daytime).

Well there you are, friends. Are you as creeped as I am? Because I've got the heebee jeebies big time.


  1. Wow! I would have been running and screaming like a crazy person. And you took pictures, even contemplated picking it up?

  2. LOL, your posts are the best--I look forward to them. It was like I was on the walk with you and PeeWee.

    I loved the pics of the snakes. I actually really like snakes. Granted where I live, there are no poisonous ones.

    I liked the ring neck--glad you got a closer picture--but doubly glad you didn't get bitten.


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