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Great weather for walking last week. This weekend has been kind of cold, so I'm glad I got when I did. I don't feel like being real social this Monday morning. Hit me up later for some talk. But here are some things I photographed for you last week.

Red-spotted purple butterfly

Deer track

Prairie blue-eyed grass
Ugh, that Monday thing again. *headdesk*


  1. Those are lovely pictures..Here is has been chilly the last few days and they have even started to call for snow..

  2. I've heard there's snow up north. Glad it missed us! I'm really missing the warm temps right now!

  3. I love your pictures--except for the deer track. I can't stand deer. They are a huge pain in my ass--yes, I said ass. I have built a massive fence all around my yard and yet they still try to get in to eat my flowers and such.

  4. That was about the best track picture I found. I'm surprised they follow the human-made path as far as they do, you think they'd just go wherever they want. There were bobcat tracks too, but they didn't show up as good.

  5. It was so warm here people were going out in shorts and now we are back to fat jackets and cold...

  6. Us too. I'd been wearing shorts to walk in and wading in the creek. Not this last weekend!


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