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The Friday Five - Reasons I'm A Slacker

You probably think you already read this post, don't you? When I was sick in March and I didn't feel like doing anything. But you'd be wrong, because this time I'm not sick (at least I hope I'm not). This time I have something other than germs weighing on my mind for why I'm slacking.

Let's discuss what I'm slacking at. As you know, The Sky Pirate's Wife has been finished since early March. I've been goofing off pretty much every day since it finished. Well, maybe goofing off is too hard a judgement. I've been trying to design a cover, working on The Turncoat's Temptress, and my sooper sekrit prajekt. Here's what stopping me from moving forward:

1) I hate editing. For me there is nothing as dull as sitting there reading and re-reading every word you've written with a critical eye. I know it's a necessary evil, but I hate it. I don't mind updating after someone's critiqued it, but I don't want to do line by line.

2) My comfort zone is writing. That's why I happily started working on TcT again and my sooper sekrit prajekt. Plus, it's fun to do something different after finishing a 90,000 word novel.

Abel vs. Van Buren. Advertising
is hard sometimes. Also, VB
looks like he's sort of giving up
and expects to be arrested. Hmm.
3) I'm concerned about having two releases out there at once. I don't exactly feel like I'm giving The Treasure Hunter's Lady it's shiny place in the sun if I say, hey guess what, y'all? The Sky Pirate's Wife is coming out shortly! It doesn't seem fair somehow. I've touted THL, interviewed like crazy, had some pretty decent reviews, but I don't really know that I've done enough for it. SPW isn't exactly burning a hole in my pocket.

4) That cover I'm designing? Just. Won't. Work. The hunt for new pictures began 05/01. And ended 05/01. So now there's a new cover to design. And that can take hours to mold it into perfection. Yeah, I completely understand why graphic designers charge so much.

5) I'm looking at a July release. I know, I know, I was talking late May/mid-June after I finished writing. Please refer to #3. Tuesday night I sat down behind my computer and formatted it for e-pub. I got through two chapters before bedtime. I read way faster than that, but referring to #1, I hate that line by line stuff. If only there was a better way to motivate myself.

It's Friday. I have an ORA meeting tomorrow, which means a full day of writerly stuff. Go have fun, kids!


  1. We really should collaborate. I don't do the initial writing very well and ideas don't come to me easily. But, I like the editing process. Molding my crappy first draft into something I'm proud of makes me happy.

  2. I think July is a better release date.
    LOL, you aren't as big a slacker as I am. I'm a massive slacker!

  3. I like the whole process and relish every second...when its working for me. It's times when every step is like pulling teeth and that's when I start slacking.

    Good luck. Sounds like you have lots coming up. Yet you.

  4. I enjoy the challenge of editing, but after a while my head goes numb, usually sooner than later :(

  5. I don't know how I feel about editing. I try not to feel anything, just do it! I'm hoping to get the third of my trilogy out in July. I say it all depends on whether my cover designer can do the cover in time (she's graduating in June, hopefully)but I have a whole load of stuff to do in the meantime... I want to get back to writing too!


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