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The Really Long Crazy Weekend + Some Awesome News!

You have to wade through all the other stuff to get to the awesome news. Mwahahahahaha. I don't have any pictures for you today from my weekend. I didn't take a nature walk. There was a lot going on this weekend, so there just wasn't time.

First, it was the monthly meeting at Ozarks Romance Authors. Where the library so thoughtlessly didn't have a room for us for critique. I may or may not have showed my temper just a lot. Okay, I did. I was already ticked because there were about 40 or 50 bicyclists between my house and the next town that thought pulling out in front of me (while I was running 55 mph) was a really great idea and then riding in packs rather than single file so it's impossible to get around them. I'm all for fitness, but I personally believe that if you're going to be on the road, you should really obey stop signs and traffic laws. Just sayin'.

We managed to squeeze into a room at 1:00 so our speaker had a place to speak. She was great. It was Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, and you should really check her out.

The second event was the O'Reilly Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals. I went over there after the meeting where my husband had been all day. It was wicked hot and by the time day one was over, I was so exhausted I went to bed at 9:30. Pictures to come.

Yesterday I went with husband all day to the Jamboree. It didn't start off well. He had his dad's truck as his show truck this year, but we left it inside the gate overnight so we wouldn't have to spend the gas to take it back and forth. I drove home Saturday night and took him up Sunday morning. We paid to park inside the fairgrounds and had to drive all over Hell and creation to get a spot. I know that parking attendants have a tough job and the heat probably didn't help, but when the guy tried to get me to park right on top of the SUV in front of me and I wouldn't, I got called a bad name. When my husband asked him what he said, the guy wouldn't repeat it. We grabbed our cooler (which is lunchbox size) and walked up to the gate. Where we encountered another problem. I read the rules on the board before we got up there. But when we tried to go in, the gate keeper had an issue with our cooler. No coolers, he said. Nary a word about it on the sign. While a) it says no dogs and I saw two or three inside the gates and b) it says no bicycles and there were some kids riding them who almost got squished by a guy in a golf cart and c) no alcohol and there was plenty of that going around. In coolers. He told us we could walk around to the other gate 3/4 of mile away and see about going through it. We hiked back to the car, left the cooler and set off again with me carrying a measly pound of hamburger meat. I was so tired of dealing with people that the first person who commented on the raw meat was going to end up wearing it. Fortunately (because I might have gone to jail if I actually followed through with that threat), no one said anything this time.

Husband also tried to report the parking lot attendant because calling someone's wife a stupid b isn't very nice, but the staff guy had an issue with husband's attitude (despite the fact that all he did was ask who he should talk to about it) and said he'd take care of it, which means he probably didn't do anything because we couldn't give him a name. After that, though, it was a pretty calm day. I was exhausted and kept trying to nap, but those fold-up chairs aren't really conductive for napping. I finally stretched out in the truck, but some other trucks kept driving by with their exhaust uncorked and it was very loud. The awards were held at 3:00 and the monster trucks, which is all I care about, started at 3:30. Really, they were disappointing this year because none of them would run through the mud pit. Not even Bigfoot.

Finally we had to leave to go to my brother's birthday party. He's 39 this year. My aunt's birthday is the 8th, so we sort of celebrated dual birthdays. We went to Lambert's Cafe. The food there is excellent and I caught all but one of the rolls they threw at me. It landed in the seat. I ate it anyway. Watch me catch the epizootie. They pass around food like fried taters, okra (which is not food to me, but some people like it), macaroni and tomatoes, and they throw the rolls and then bring molasses. I had charbroiled chicken, cucumbers and onions and mashed potatoes. They gave me the wrong ticket too and I wanted to pay it because it was cheaper than ours, but the waitress made me give it back.

Stop staring at my hair!
So, pictures to come and just one more thing for your Monday: The Treasure Hunter's Lady is now in print. You can buy if from Createspace, as it hasn't come to Amazon yet. Want a link? Here you go:

I have a great photo of husband holding it at the truck show too that I'll upload for you next time.


  1. At least you can't complain about your weekend being boring. You are a published author!!! I am so proud of you!
    Thanks for taking time to come to James' party he had a great time!


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