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My Birthday Wish

Huzzah! I'm 19 today! What's that? Eleven years running? No, I'm sure you're mistaken about that. Last year was my eight--oh, yeah. Twenty-ninth birthday. So that makes me . . . one plus twenty-nine is . . . yeah, that's 19. Of course my math is right, no question. Party on!

Cake for everyone!

Also a huge shout out:

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yes, it's her birthday too. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!

You can thank her and my dad for this next bit because if there was no me, there'd be no freebie (I rhymed, it's my birthday, I can do whatever I want. I'm pretty sure that's a law.)

To celebrate this most joyous of occasions (one can never have too many 19th birthdays), I'm giving you a gift.

What is it? What is it? What is it?

Hold on to your hot pants, Kindle lovers. 

You, yes you and you and you and even that person you're not fond of, but you love me enough that you want to spread the word and you'll tell him too, can download The Treasure Hunter's Lady for FREE. I'm not kidding (would I do that to you?) that's F-R-E-E, today through July 2nd.

My crowning glory, my biggest achievement to date, the story that I knew would forever endear me to your hearts, is my gift to you. It's my hope that you'll laugh with Abel and Romy, that you'll commiserate when they're sad, that you'll stay up all night long and be late for work on Friday morning because you couldn't put it down. Tell your boss it was my birthday and you had to help make my wish come true. I'm sure he or she will understand. And then tell him or her that not only were you helping, it's a FREE book, so he or she can read it too!

I'm sure that'll totally get you a pass. Your boss will probably think you're so kind and generous that you might even get a day off. Hopefully not permanently . . .

So click HERE to get your free download. I'm going to blow out the candle on my cake and that's my birthday wish: that you'll all enjoy The Treasure Hunter's Lady as much as I enjoyed writing it.


  1. Happy birthday to you and your mom!
    And thank you for the gift. I didn't get you anything...wait, I am a huge fan of yours, does that count as a gift?

  2. Thanks, Miki!

    And thanks, Brenda. You being an awesome critique partner is a great gift!

  3. Happy birthday, Allison! So nice of you to gift people with an awesome books. I picked up a copy last week and can't wait to read it. :)


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