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A NaNo Week in Review

Let's look at the number tally for the weekend:
Total: 32,000
NaNo Written: 16, 735
Total percentage: 40%

I spent about four hours catching up yesterday because I didn't write much Saturday. I was down over 3,000 words. Today the goal is 18 something and tomorrow it's 20k. It seems unbelievable. I always get bogged down in the 20's so this should prove to be an interesting week.

In other news, Mom bought a box of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. They arrived just in time for the Turner Family Reunion. We sold out (okay, there were only 7, but still) and that felt pretty good. It was just kind of awesome to see a box with my books in it. Somehow touching brand new copies never gets old. I didn't sniff them or anything to see if they smelled good, but I bet they did. You know, like money scented. Tee hee.


  1. Wow, you are slaying the NaNo. Way to go!

    YAY on selling out of your books.


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