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Pretty Pictures 'Cause I'm Tired

Today, because I'm reeling from an exhausting weekend (which is partially due to extreme heat--the National Weather Service thermometer in my office confirms temps at 100.2 yesterday), I'm giving you photos from Saturday night at the Hurley Fireworks display. I took these with my new birthaversary present, a camera my husband of eight years bought for me (and my birthday is this week too). That's eight years today, kids. Sometimes we joke it feels more like 800. 

I even named them for you.



God Barf (I hope that's not blasphemy. If it is, we'll call it
Thor Barf because it just looks like something a god barfed up.
Not in a bad way . . . okay, I'm done here.)

Many Burst

Purple Flower


Streamers II


  1. WOW, these pictures are really good. I love...well I love them all.

  2. Awww hope you had a nice anniversary! And I wish you a terrific birthday, too! :)


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