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Fair Conditions

Friday night we braved the heat and couldn't resist the pull of the Ozark Empire Fair. Here are some of the photos I took for your Monday morning.

FREE!!! Nachos. Who could say no to free?

Angry beaver. Back away slowly and do not make eye contact.

One word: eww?!

Mama mini donkey.

Baby mini donkey.

Ferris wheel.

Gigi & Zeus the goats

Gigi sucking on my thumb. Aww. :)

Baby piggies!

Hungry piggies.
Flying pig on the pig racing truck.

I bet this took a lot of time!


  1. Awww I loved the baby donkey. Not entirely sure why, but I like those things. Looks like you had a nice time. :)

  2. It was the baby pigs that got me. I don't even like pigs, but they were adorable.

  3. hey i am headign to the fair tday come to desiree reilly fb and check themout later


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