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I'm sure I didn't do anything exceptionally tiring this weekend, but man, am I tired. I had about 8000 words left to write on The Turncoat's Temptress Friday evening and I managed about 2000 Saturday morning. It was an agonizingly slow black moment/fight scene that almost had me in tears. Probably no one else will feel that way, but I really had a lot of sympathy for the heroine, Nora.

Husband dragged me away from the computer to see The Dark Knight Rises. Okay, when I say dragged, I actually mean I couldn't wait to see it. As a general rule, I'm not a Christian Bale fan. He seems a little intense because he's a "superstar". Imagine my delight as I watched and realized the movie wasn't intensely focused on his character. Husband said the movie could have been called "Where's Batman?" instead of "Where's Waldo?"

Seriously, where did Joseph Gordon-Levitt come from? I mean, other than his role in 3rd Rock and a few appearances here and there. Damn. There are rumors of The Justice League coming out summer 2015 with (hopefully) Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Green Lantern and there's a new Superman movie coming out next summer. I would love to see Gordon-Levitt in the Batman role. I think that would round off the Justice League nicely.

I managed to finished TcT off Sunday evening and agonized over the ending while we grocery shopped. One part of me was dancing a little as it realized I'd pulled off an 80k word novel in about two months, which ended with a definite opening for another novel and the other part was going, oh God, I'm so tired, writing 80k in two months almost killed me. Actually, I think it's just the heat killing me.

There were a lot of elements that surprised me about this one. At the beginning of it, I seriously doubted my ability to pull another Native American myth into it. Oh, but I did, *mwahahahaha*. Not to mention adding a goblin, a selkie, and an ape man from India. Sound weird? Good. I read a fascinating article about quicksand. Almost drowning the hero? Check. Giving him a serious weakness that might cost him his life? Check.

I felt a little sad as we arrived home from grocery shopping. Normally the second the groceries were put away, I'd snatch up my laptop and dive into writing. My main goal was to finish TcT so I could get really serious about The Sky Pirate's Wife. All I want to do is keep working on TcT. No, bad writer! Priorities, man! So I'm tucking TcT away for a while, redirecting my focus and starting another read through of SPW. You know, as I've told myself I will have to ready for release in September. Crazy panic be damned.


  1. Dang, you are on a roll!
    Congratulations on finishing TCT!!! That is so awesome.
    I already know I like your hero.

  2. Hurray for finishing!! Congrats to you. :)

  3. 80k in two months??? You are my hero!


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