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Wednesday Ramblings

Henh. Apparently I have no guest today. Well, okay then. I'll just ramble, shall I? First of all:

Happy Birthday, Stobrod!

How's it feel to be 30, huh? Not as much fun to make fun of someone who's the same age as you now, is it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm reading through The Sky Pirate's Wife again. Mind plotting *ta-da!* The Soul Catcher's Siren (unless I find out I hate that title. It's happened), even though I shouldn't be. Did you know it's just 6 days until Camp NaNo August? No! Stop, Allison, just stop. Right. There. None of that. No new books. No, no, no, no, no. You can wait until November.

But . . . .

Sometimes I just get on a writing kick and that's all I want to do. Because it's a hundred thousand times more fun than editing. And this idea is all new and shiny. Find an author who isn't excited by new and shiny ideas. There isn't one.

So I'm fighting the temptation to write another novel because that's not something I really need on my plate right now. Seriously, how are some some authors working on two or three? I get so distracted, I can only focus on one. Anyone who's got more than one WIP and is dedicated to them, wow, you're amazing.

And I want to remind you that Friday is the start of the Hero Blog Hop. You'll want to be here for that because I'm giving away a $10 gift card to either Amazon or B&N and collectively the hoppers are giving away a Kindle Fire and a massive swag pack. So come on in to visit with the hero of The Sky Pirate's Wife, Captain Alwin van Buren, and maybe win a prize! 


  1. Hey, if you have a new idea, I say go for it! :)

    1. My gleeful inner writer is giggling. Melissa gave me permission!

      I have to admit I've already been writing on it a little, I'm just trying not to let it take over. I've put SPW off too long. ;)

  2. Get SPW ready for publication before anything else, lol!!!!
    And Ill be here on Friday. I want to visit with V.B.

  3. Great interview and excerpt! I'm lovin' all these heroes.


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