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Wine . . . The Nectar of the Go--Ugg, Get It Off My Tongue!

Sunday we did a little belated birthday celebrating at my mom's house. I made this cake from scratch and put it in a box that had a Price Cutter sticker on it. I did a fabulous job on the flowers, huh?

Okay, you're right. I bought it. But! I did write Happy Birthday and draw smiley face on it in blue gel stuff. You can tell I did it because it looks like a child wrote it. My husband said, wow, your handwriting is terrible. I just had to agree.

Maybe it tastes better after the first couple of sips?
Then we celebrated my success giving away my book with wine. Horrible, horrible wine. I took the first drink and made a face and shuddered it was so bad. Which, of course, made everyone laugh at me.

On the third or fourth drink of it, I'm pretty sure I got a taste of burnt rubber that had been boiled in antifreeze. Um, wine's really not my thing.

Mom said she was glad she didn't give that to her brother-in-law as a housewarming gift. Oh, yeah. Save that wretched stuff for celebrating a #1 ranking on Amazon in the US and the UK.

I almost bought a bottle of that kind myself. Whew, glad I didn't. Hopefully the pear flavored whatever I got tastes better.

Again, wine, not my thing. Stobrod finished his glass, but the rest of us let ours sit for a while. The cake and ice cream were way better. Thank God I had some Mt. Dew to wash the fermented grape off my tongue.

And I think I'll have a celebratory cupcake in honor of making the top 100 Kindle bestseller list in the UK.


  1. Have I said yet how proud I am of you? And I hope Jill doesn't see you dissing wine. ;-)

  2. I'm SO thrilled for you--and I know this is really going to be the launch of your career. All you needed to do was get your book in readers faces. Now they will be telling their friends just how awesome THL is how awesomely talented Allison Merritt is.

  3. That's such awesome news about making the top 100 ranking. Very exciting. Congrats to you!


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