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Take A Look Tuesday

Lame titles = my specialty. I forgot to transfer my photos from my camera on Sunday night, so I didn't have anything to bring you yesterday. I've made up for it today. See? See?

Couple of crazy-weird necklaces I found at JC Penney. I feel
like some kind of tribal medicine person. 

A really tall, really dead tree.

Moth on a thistle flower.

Wild plums. Don't eat the green ones. Not that the
purple ones look very appetizing.  O_o
 Thursday evening we went down on highway 265 past Branson to gawk at the remains of the Majestic. The condominiums were a total loss after a 3-alarm fire the night before. There's a link under the picture from one of the news stations. No one died (yay!), but I think I heard it was about $4 million dollars worth of damage. Last I heard they decided a barbecue grill on a balcony had started the blaze. It didn't help that there were two storms that came through and caused high winds, which made it difficult to control the flames. I thought we were going to get arrested getting these photos because we drove right down to the site. Mr. County Cop did not look amused at our gawking.

Frame of the Majestic on Table Rock Lake

All that's left are beams, staircases, and the elevator shaft.

People tried to salvage what they could from the building,
but most of the units were off-limits. The owner is already
talking about rebuilding.

Oh, and tomorrow I have two things going on here, so I want y'all to make sure you stop by both. I have an author interview and a special blog called Books for Bunnies, which will go live first, so make sure when you come back for the author interview, you either scroll down or hit home so you don't miss out on the bunny post, okay?


  1. Lol, the tribal necklaces totally made me laugh. Who would have thought at JCPenneys.

    The moss on the thistle is a really neat photo.


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