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The Friday Five - Motivate Me

Yesterday morning, I'm all ha-ha, I'm the ruler of the universe! For no real reason, I just felt on top of my game. Which is good because Wednesday evening I was looking at hunting gear in a sporting goods store and sniveling about how soon it will be winter. Ugh, I hate winter. In case you forgot.

So I'm cruising along, flying high on my The Sky Pirate's Wife is releasing in 44 days pony, and I get an e-mail. Said awesome pony screeches to a halt. I open the e-mail without even giving it any thought, because it's an e-mail I've been waiting for, even though I thought I would have to stop and give some thought to opening it because it almost certainly contained bad news. It was kind of like a train wreck, I didn't even think, I just opened it.

It wasn't bad news per say, it was just disappointing, but not really unexpected.

This letter is to inform you that you are not a finalist.

Oh. Well, that's too bad. And followed by that was about an hour's worth of why, what did I do wrong? And why are you sending scoresheets around the same time The Sky Pirate's Wife is coming out? That's going to be a buzz kill. Y'all should really be grateful you're not inside my head. It was like feeding time at the zoo in here, I swear. Then I realized it doesn't matter. A) It was a hasty attempt. B) I haven't done anything to that WIP in so long, it's not even funny because I was dedicated to the Legends and Lovers Series (and that's a good thing).  I finished The Turncoat's Temptress and that's way awesome. And there's been worse news than that running around the little community of writers, so I'm here today with a pick-me-up.

Motivational quotes! Yay! In picture form! Double yay!

Happy Friday (at last!), friends. Go forth, be, do (something, anything).


  1. Well crap in a hand bucket. That sucks about the contest, but on the other hand, it doesn't. You have too much to do right now anyway.

    I'm counting down the days to the release of SPW!!!

    And thanks so much for motivational quotes. I really needed them this week.


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