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Weekend Wonders

We went to the Shepherd of the Hills Super Summer Cruise Saturday night, but I didn't take any photos of the cars. Instead I wanted to bug you (pun!) with some photos of the praying mantises that have been hanging out at my house. These are two different ones, but originally I thought they were the same little guy. Clearly not.
I have green legs.

I have brown legs. See? We're different.

I woke him up early in the morning. Death glare! But hopefully
he ate that spider that made a web on my lemon basil plant.

That lamp post totally photobombed my photo of the
eternal flame in front of the iceberg that sank the Titanic!

One side of the rainbow.

The other side of the rainbow. 
PeeWee socks. They didn't fit very good though. I guess his
feet are even tinier than I thought. These really are for dogs,
 I didn't go crazy and buy tiny people socks or anything.
In other news, I got pretty much nothing done on the writing front. I did write a prologue for a series I've been thinking about writing for a few months ago. There's a very good chance it sucks and God alone knows when I'll find time to do any more than that because I have other things that need doing, but it came to me and I couldn't help but write it down. So there's that. And I did finish my very first read through of The Turncoat's Temptress. It wasn't as bad as I figured it would be. It wasn't ready to publish, by any means, but there are some workable parts.


  1. LOL, I missed your random pic posts.
    One thing missing--a pic of a spider.

    1. I had a picture of a copperhead (might've been a cottonmouth, I forget) I could have used, but I didn't have any spiders this time. That makes me glad though. Blugh, spiders!


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