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Is There A Scientific Name for Fall-a-phobia?

Somehow I forgot to work on The Friday Five while scheduling blog posts. Guess you'll have to tolerate some rambling today.

My husband (rudely) informed me that tomorrow is the first day of fall. That is cause for throat-closing, heart-pounding, teary-eyed terror. That might seem a little dramatic, I know, but under the category of Stuff I Don't Normally Talk About (i.e. depression for $500, Alex), fall is a very depressing time. Go on, stare at my photo in confusion. What are you talking about, Allison? Fall is great. Look at all the pretty colors on the trees. The weather is cooler and pretty soon we can get out our festive sweaters and trick-or-treat and have hot dog roasts and don't forget Oktober Fest!

What you cheerful lovers of fall don't seem to realize is that those "pretty" (leaves are supposed to be green, people) leaves are going to wind up on the ground and the trees will be bare. Those cool days will turn windy and all too soon bring snowflakes. That sweater will probably give me a rash on my elbows and static electricity in my hair. The candy and hot dogs and beer will turn into a muffin top that you'll have no desire to get rid of because the during the daylight hours, you'll be stuck inside your office and when you emerge, already sleepy, it'll be dark outside.

Fall can kiss my lily white. I always get a little panicky this time of year because shorter days just freak me out. And it didn't happen gradually. One day it was light at 8:30 pm and the next it was dark by 7:00. Whhaaattt? Who authorized that?

In other news, with winter coming, I actually am looking forward to starting edits on The Turncoat's Temptress. It ended up a few words over 80k in the first draft. I hope to add to that as The Sky Pirate's Wife was so much higher. I think there's quite a bit I can add to it to beef it up without dragging it out. I promise it will be as exciting and adventurous and unbelievable as the other two. More so, really.

I'm also just over 36k on the fourth book the Legends and Lovers Series. It's been a little bit of a fight almost from the beginning. The heroine is a great character, lots of conflict. The hero . . . impossible. I'm working on him, I'm figuring things out. I hope to at least hit 50k before I really dig into edits for TcT. Still looking at that spring release.

So with some rough math I figure I added 50k to The Sky Pirate's Wife early in the year (remember I gave up at about 43k during NaNo), I wrote TcT over the summer at 80k, and I've done 36k on this latest novel for a total of 166,000 words so far on different projects. I think I'm going to skip NaNo this year. It's another 14,000 to make 50k on my WIP, which I'm sure I could easily do before November, but I don't feel like starting a new novel then. After I finished TcT I only took a couple of weeks to "recover" from writing before I jumped in again. I'd better slack off a little bit before starting the last book in the series.

Sorry for complaining about fall so much. It isn't as though I haven't had a good week. I've made some sales, taken another step in my author-y career, enjoyed good weather, and got a lot of writing and cover type stuff done.

Happy Friday. Get outside, sit on a bench, read a book, write a book, just enjoy the weather before those killer snowflakes get here, kids. Oh, before you go outside, check out my Pinterest board with quotes from The Treasure Hunter's Lady and The Sky Pirate's Wife!


  1. I'm with ya sister. I hate fall because I sooo hate winter. People say to me "Don't think about winter, enjoy this beautiful weather." Sorry, can't. I HATE WINTER!!!!

    1. Me too, Wanda. When winter comes I just want to crawl into bed and wait for spring.

  2. I like fall, but I hate winter. I'm not looking forward to all the gray, rainy days ahead.

    1. Yeah, it's the grayness of it that bugs me most. I want the sunshine. Couldn't it rain with the sun shining?


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