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Looking Back and Forward

If you have eyeballs and a mouse or a touch pad or a touch screen or a scroll button, you may have noticed that today is the last day before the weekend before The Sky Pirate's Wife comes out.

Wow. I remember telling my mom, probably in early 2011, that The Treasure Hunter's Lady was the story. In the past while working on The Convict & the Cattleman, I worked hard. But I doubt I worked as hard on it as THL. The difference is, THL was funny and adventurous while C&C just didn't do it for me anymore.

You'll read in interviews and blog posts, if you follow them, that I never intended to write a series. I always planned to write stand alone novels. But by the time I finished THL, I was already imagining playing in that world again. The sequel followed, a NaNo rough draft of The Sky Pirate's Wife. It's a nice love story, but it didn't contain paranormal elements like THL. I decided to re-write it for NaNo in 2011. I like this version much better, enough to say I love the characters from THL, but out of the three novels I've finished my favorite plot is SPW. I finished a draft of it in early 2012 and then sent it off to beta readers with full intentions of having it ready to go by July. A nice summer read.

Look at the dark
circles. Look at
them! The horror!
You might remember when I had to stop blogging during June because I was so busy I couldn't even think straight. I was exhausted, as you can tell by this photo of me at the conference dinner. That was before I'd been drinking (I only had a double shot of peach schnapps, not even enough to get me sufficiently buzzed) and before dinner was served. I remember leaving work early with the intention of going to get ready and stopping in at the book signing. Then I saw my bed and just had to lay down an go to sleep. I had to drag myself out of bed and into the car and then I got really lost on the way to the restaurant and I was pretty sure I was going to get mugged by the topless hobo who called me "sweetie". That would've topped off an incredibly stressful month. No, no, the crowning glory of June goes to when my car broke down.

I was a walking mess as some of my friends (and my husband) can testify to. Then there was this Facebook post, the shocking one that left the world reeling (okay, a whopping total of 3 people responded to it, but I'm sure it was because the rest were weeping so hard they couldn't see the screen for hours after the announcement). A hot Friday morning and I had to admit defeat. I was mad at myself and mad at the world because I let it get to me. What the--I'm a superhero. There's no mamby-pamby backing out on stuff! That made the second time I had to drop SPW in favor of doing something else (you know, after I decided editing THL and learning the self-publishing trade and having a nervous crack up in November 2011). It sucked. For a while I didn't even talk about release dates.

One day I finally decided it would happen in September. If I had to shut away the entire world in order to get SPW ready, it was coming out in September. I wanted the 4th originally, avoided the 11th like the plague and settled on the 17th. I think I meant the 18th because a lot of books and movies come out on Tuesdays, but I started announcing the 17th and it stuck.

After the initial anger, I really tried to look at my failure as an opportunity. I rescheduled my blog tour, I started rounding up other interviews and posts and spots. I set up a Facebook and a G+ event page. I made nifty graphics with novel lines to throw around the social media sites. In short, I started doing what I hadn't had time to do before. Now, I'm at peace with the way things worked out. Before, I was about three steps from needing a horse tranq and a rubber room. Straight jackets come in pastel colors, right?

So Monday The Sky Pirate's Wife will be available to everyone. Or at least everyone who has access to a device that can download stuff off the internet and a debit/credit card. This year has been fraught (I love that word) with challenges and difficulties with very few breaks in between. Pfft, what doesn't kill you only makes you wish you were dead.

As I head off into the sunset to start edits on The Turncoat's Temptress, I pray that my spring release will not have major set backs like the first two books. But if it does, then if nothing else, this has proven I can handle them.

Don't forget about The Sky Pirate's Wife Release Party on September 17 and the chat I'm having at 2 pm CST on twitter.


  1. Wow, you've worked so hard and you've come such a long way.
    Congratulations on the upcoming release of your second book!

  2. Now if I could just get my heart to stop racing and remember to breathe, I'd be doing fantastic.

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Allison!


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