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Supporting Characters

Oh my! Yesterday UPS dropped off a couple of packages at my office. The guy working the circulation desk said, "Gee, they're sending them in your name now." You know, rather than the library's name. I was like "Nuh-uh" because the only thing that should've been coming to me should have been coming next week. A print copy of The Sky Pirate's Wife!

But big as life, there it was. So heavy! So shiny! So much hard work and many hours poured into it. So beautiful in ways you can't imagine. And you guys can't even get an e-copy until Monday! Well, happy surprise Wednesday to me!  Must. Stop. Staring. At. Paperback. Version.

Ahem, on to today's The Sky Pirate's Wife Blog Takeover: Secondary Characters.

Secondary characters are always important in the Legends and Lovers series, because the next book is based on one of this minor characters. It started with The Treasure Hunter's Lady with Alwin van Buren, the hero of The Sky Pirate's Wife. From that novel, I used Basil Tinwhistle in The Turncoat's Temptress. In The (tentitavely titled) Soul Catcher's Siren it's Emer Irving. I don't want to give away who the fifth and final character will be. I wonder if anyone will guess. That is if you haven't heard me mention it yet.

However, there are some characters who don't have books. I do have the beginning of a novella in the works for Fenton Marlowe, Van Buren's older, wiser mentor. It's a slow process, but hopefully one day soon y'all can read it. Here are some of the faces you'll see in The Sky Pirate's Wife.

Fenton Marlowe didn't always start out as a good guy. There was a time when he was Dutch and evil, not that the two things are mutually exclusive. That was in the first draft of SPW and it was okay, but when I really got down to it, I decided Van Buren could use an ally more than another enemy. So instead of the jealous frienemy, I invented Fenton. As evidenced in the first chapter, Van Buren doesn't take failure lightly. When his beloved Ursula Ann starts and then stops suddenly, he's ready to throttle the engineer. When Sophie's godfather says something ugly about her, it takes Fenton to hold Van Buren back. When Van Buren has a revelation about the way he feels for Sophie, there's Fenton to talk him through it. He's like VB's out-of-body common sense. I hear you asking, why? Why not just give Van Buren common sense of his own? Let's put it like this: Van Buren's father allegedly committed suicide shortly after VB was born. You have no idea how much it makes me cringe to write that because I've done some writing on Hans van Buren and he was a nice guy. He just had a gambling problem. What does that have to do with Fenton? Weeeelllll, you could say Fenton's an all-around good guy himself. Or you could go with the more popular--and correct--theory that Fenton was desperately in love with Van Buren's mother. No, Van Buren is not secretly Fenton Marlowe's forbidden love child. Fenton loved Ursula from the first time he laid eyes on her. Unfortunately, he couldn't have her. When Hans tossed himself into a river, Fenton stepped in to help wherever he could. As Van Buren expressed his desire to become an airship captain, Fenton was able to use his considerable connections to make that happen. All for the son he never had. Aww, so sweet.

Nathan Carson, considered for about two seconds, to be the follow up hero to SPW. Poor man never had a chance. Oh, Nate, what can I say about you? You don't have the extensive history with Van Buren that Fenton has. He's known to be a cheater at cards (although he's actually just good with cards), unbeatable at plotting routes for shipping, and a survivor as evidenced by the fact that he didn't die either when the Ursula Ann went down or during the multiple attacks in Tulsa. He also doesn't believe a word anyone is saying about giant killer eagles. Maybe they kind of want to kill Van Buren and maybe he'll be the one to tell you that, but he doesn't spread stories... uh-huh. He's essentially a good guy too, helping out where he can be it cutting the ropes that free the dinghy before you explode with the ship or driving Sophie around under Van Buren's nose because she has an important job to do.

If there's one thing you should know about Captain and Missus Johnathon Barnes, it's that they're dead. He died after being blown off course during a storm aboard one of his airships and she died later on, supposedly of heartbreak. Despite being dead, these two people had a big hand in Sophie's story. Without them, there is no Sophie and there's no story because if he hadn't created his own shipping business, Sophie would never have been an airship heiress. They're both referenced a few times during the book.

Ursula van Buren, as mentioned above, is Van Buren's mother. In the original draft, she had a small role, but in the final draft, she doesn't make an appearance at all except in name. Ursula is the reason Van Buren cares more about what's inside than out. Not that he doesn't admire Sophie's beauty--and points it out frequently--but his dear mother was scarred badly, even worse than he is, during a factory accident. I promise someday I'll get into Ursula and Fenton's story and you can learn more about them there.

One final character I want to mention is Hummingbird. The Legends and Lovers resident always present character. I rounded her off, gave you some idea of her magical powers in The Treasure Hunter's Lady. She can change her appearance at will, see the future, guide the dying into the next life, battle malicious supernatural creatures, calm tempers, and disappear in the blink of an eye. She has big important roles coming up, so stayed tuned!