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The Friday Five - Interestingly Useless Facts

I'm blanking out on what to talk about today. It's been a very long week, not to mention month. Gah, is it ever going to end? The cynical doom-and-gloom part me says, "Don't ask that!" because it inevitably brings disaster, but the brain damaged, ever cheerful side of me is like, "Tralalalala, let's move on no matter what!"

I'm going to stop sounding like Sybil now. In lieu of a real, thoughtful TFF, here are five facts I found interesting, brought to you by

1) Elvis and I have something in common: his hip wiggle was caused by stage fright. He was so nervous when he began performing that his legs would shake. No one mistakes me for trying to dance when I'm speaking in public. That's why I prefer to sit.

2) Oh, that's why it's the perfect diet food. Celery has negative calories. You burn more calories chewing celery than it has in it in the first place. Kind of like ice, your body has to work to warm up the temperature of ice. So if we could live on celery and ice, we'd all be skinny supermodels (and iron deficient).

3) The word cliche comes from the days of using movable type. The letters in words that were used most often were kept in clamps so the typesetters didn't have to keep reforming the words.The clamp holding the letters together is called a cliche.

4) Uh-oh: tickling has been used as form of torture since the Romans had power. It's been noted that people who suffer from schizophrenia aren't ticklish. My husband is always trying to tickle fight (he's extremely ticklish and screams like a girl), but I have an immunity to it. My feet and sides aren't ticklish. Look and there I was just talking about Sybil.

5) Armadillos have four pups at a time and they are all the same sex. The embryo is divided into four perfect quarters, which results in four identical pups. Armadillos can also walk underwater. So, basically if you've seen one armadillo, you've seen them all.

Happy Friday, kids.


  1. Right. Well. I'll be sure to stock up on the celery. And I feel a bit disturbed about the armadillos. Ha, thought they gave your leprosy or something crazy like that. :)

  2. LOL, love your facts.
    The celery fact is cool. Guess I better buy some. I like Cheese-wiz on mine though.


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