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The Friday Five - Lines from The Sky Pirate's Wife

I realize this something of a repeat, I did lines from The Sky Pirate's Wife either during or right after NaNo last year. But in case you've forgotten them, here are some more to keep SPW first and foremost in your pretty little heads.

An airship captain with a deadly secret.
An heiress longing for true love.
A legend that could tear them apart.
1) How many survived?” His voice was thick with concern for his fellow shipmates. The lines on his forehead deepened as he waited for her answer. 
 “Seven survived, including the captain.”
A wry smile tipped the patient's mouth up for a heartbeat before he grimaced in pain. “Did he now?”

2) I really don't like this thing.” She feared if she didn't talk, the truth of what they were doing—stealing a very expensive vehicle!—would consume every thought.

3) You're here,” she whispered against the cotton shirt. “You came for me.”
A big hand cupped the back of her head and smoothed her hair. “I will always come for you.”

4) Don't be a chicken, boy. I've never known you to shirk away from a duty yet."

5) I brought coffee.” He wished he had something smarter to say. The forced cheerfulness in his voice made him sound simple.

There you are, five sets of lines (ha, I cheated!) from The Sky Pirate's Wife available September 17 (10 days if you're counting) on Nook and Kindle.

Also, if you're in southwestern Missouri, northwestern Arkansas or southeastern Oklahoma, tomorrow is the Not So Square Arts & Literary Festival in Mt. Vernon, MO. I'll be there from 10 am to 5 pm hawking, er, selling paperback copies of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. I have an airship (of which I promise to take photos), so come see me! 

Happy Friday!