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The Sky Pirate's Wife Release Day

Wow. This is one of those days that you think will never come. I don't even know what to say except a big thank you to everyone who helped me come this far.

There's my mom, of course, who gets to read the first draft when I finish a book, and who says, "When is it coming to print?"

To my husband for helping me build for building an airship. I'd still be trying to put that thing together. It's my fault it's a little lopsided, but you can hardly tell since I painted it.

My beta readers, Brenda, Lisa, Kary, Michelle, and Cindy who pushed me in the right direction. To my CP, D'Ann and knowing the magic words I wanted to hear because I was pretty worried: "There wasn't anything I'd change." I owe you ladies big time.

Thanks to everyone who listened to me cry when things didn't go as planned, who told me everything would be okay in the end. You were right.

To the Petey Monster who waits patiently while I type and edit and only gets the screen dirty with snorty dog snot about half as often as you used to. You're getting better at that. Have a dog biscuit.

And thanks to anyone willing to read and believe in a goofy bit of fantasy, a grumpy airship captain, and a naive but well-intentioned heiress. You guys rock my world.

I have a busy day today, so check out my interviews and blog posts!

I'm at RomCon talking about steampunk, got a great review for The Treasure Hunter's Lady at Close Encounters With the Night Kind, have an interview over at Reviews By Molly--the first stop on my blog tour, and a book feature at My World.

You can buy The Sky Pirate's Wife at:


  1. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations.
    I've been in hiding but I'm coming out today to support you!

    1. Thanks! You're one of my favorite people, so that gives me the warm fuzzies!

  2. Happy Release Day, Allison. I know it must be exciting. I'm very happy for you! :)


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