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My Sincerest Apologies In Case of Apocalypse

I don't have any pictures for you today except the one I call dummy dogs. It's Mungo on the left and Stormy on the right doing their best to look cute and innocent. I assure you . . . they are not. It's a ploy to get food. Okay, they're kind of cute, especially together.

I don't have any pictures because I didn't really do anything this weekend. It was miserable and rainy Friday and mostly cloudy Saturday, so it wasn't really ideal for doing much outdoors. I went to the library and wrote about 2,000 words. That brought me up from 66,000 to 68,000.

Went home and was really bored, so I thought, ah I might as well try to get something else done. It never occurred to me to edit The Turncoat's Temptress. When I reached 70,000 I decided to call it good for the night. I should be able to finish that last 10k in a week or two. As I've mentioned before, our DVD player/VCR combo has finally gone completely out of its mind. It's way past time to get a new one.

Bored witless, I started editing TcT finally. I'm about 80% finished with this round. I remember while I was writing it, thinking about how crappy it is. No, not crappy. It's actually a half-way entertaining story. Okay, it's extremely entertaining. I look forward to bringing it to the world in the spring.

I'm not doing (I assure you 100%) NaNoWriMo this year. I've written my little hands to the bones and they need a break before starting something new. That something new will be the final novel in the L&L series. Fear not! I have other plans for a new series (three books) for late 2014-2015. Assuming the Mayans don't kill us all with their ancient apocalypse. If that's the case, I'm sorry, but you probably won't get to read The Turncoat's Temptress. Yes, I feel sort of bad about that, but I'm really not up for having it available before 12-21-12. You can blame the holidays.

I am, however, trying to decide on a date in March. Preferences?


  1. Oh poo, I like your pictures. But that's okay.
    I hope the Mayans are wrong because I really want to read TTT.

  2. Ha, still a cute picture even if it was your only one. That's great you go so much accomplished on The Turncoat's Temptress! :)


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