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Picture This Thursday

You see, kids? I promised photographs and I delivered. Would I lie to you? Don't answer that. FarmFest was last weekend as well, so I bring to you as a token of my generosity, cute photos of animals as well as the lake.

Oh gah! Not a picture with my bad hair day!

I just want to pet that fluffy baby head.

There are no words for how cute this is.

A seriously cool pumpkin.

Table Rock Lake, Port of Kimberling.

Other side of Port of Kimberling.

Port of Kimberling docks
There you are, some stuff to look at on a dull, dreary (at least here) Thursday morning. Come back tomorrow for The Friday Five, which is actually just a Friday one, but I promise you another Ozarkian spooky tale!


  1. It's dreary here too--and it sucks. Our fall so far has been spectacular!
    Thanks for the cute pics. Helped me smile.

  2. One of those alpacas was so cute. The guy who owns them was eating a pork rind and it alpaca came up behind him and tried to steal it!

  3. Awww I like the little baby donkey. So cute!


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