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The Friday Five (Halloween Edition)

I know it's Wednesday and I know it says TFF, but I told you you're getting 5 spooky stories and it's not my fault Halloween is in the middle of the week. Today, kids, I bring to you something totally spooky that I have never seen, but would love to (I can't get my husband talked into it).

The Hornet Light. The what's-it, I hear you asking. Hornet. Light. Also known as the Spooklight, which is a mysterious sphere of light that floats off the ground. It 'roams' on a stretch of land called The Devil's Promenade, supposedly named because if you cross this section of land a certain number of times, the Devil will appear. It's between the Missouri and Oklahoma border.

The earliest recorded sighting of the Spooklight is 1881, but there are rumors of it during the Trail of Tears and Civil War. Some people say it's two young Indian lovers searching for one another.They forged a suicide pact because the princess's father would allow the couple to marry. Others says it's a Civil War solider/bushwhacker or miner looking for his head, the mysterious light coming from his bobbing lantern. The light sometimes splits into more than one orb or diamond shape and dances around.

In 1946 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers looked into the phenomenon, but found no cause for it. Hunh. Skeptics say that it's caused by gas pockets, lights from Route 66 and the highway, lights from Quapaw, Oklahoma, or a fixed light, energy particles let off by the New Madrid fault, and a slew of other explanations.

Some people believe it's UFO activity. Whatever the cause of it, it's never harmed anyone and many people are here have fond memories of going to see it.

A YouTube video from paranormal experts for your viewing pleasure.

I also have for you a very special photograph that I took myself a few weeks ago.

I know what you're thinking. It's a photograph of cows. What is special about cows? Are they devil cows or something? Look closer. When I opened this image on my computer, I thought, why do those cows have circular shaved spots in their hair? I don't remember that when I took the photo. Those aren't shaved places, hand to God. Those are orbs.

I know what you're thinking now. It's, Allison, Allison, they're just dust particles reflecting the light. Well, just so you know, you're wrong. Those other pictures from a couple of weeks ago, nothing like this shows up in them and most of them were taken in the same barn. This was nowhere near the entrance and not under any direct light. Let me show you another example of this photo.

I count at least 11 orbs in this photo. Those are some seriously haunted cows. What's really sad about this is that I went to the cemetery and tried to take photos of the grave, but after a couple, the battery mysteriously died. Then I turned it on again and took a picture of some trees. It was fine after that. But I didn't capture any orbs there, so I'm reduced to showing haunted cows. Ah, well, it makes for good blog fodder.

Again, happy Halloween and don't get caught out with the boogers and spooks tonight. Remember to light a candle to guide the wayward spirits home.


  1. I've seen the spook light. Back in the 70's my then husband, myself and another couple drove down and parked on the side of the road with about 5 or 6 other cars and waited. It wasn't too long we saw a bobbing white sphere cross the road and disappear into the woods on the other side. We drove closer but didn't see it anymore. Pretty cool.

  2. Wow, I would love to see the Hornet Lights.
    LOL, I wonder if the ghosts were trying to warn the cows that they had better get the heck out of there or they will end up as hamburger!

  3. Ha, that's pretty creeptastic! LOL, Brenda! You're killing me.


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